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Mile High Grounding Meditation

Today’s meditation is located on a beautiful mountain top forest in Colorado.  This meditation will focus on the intent of grounding ourselves and cleansing our energy field.  Grounding helps us to be more in the present, helps us to set better boundaries, and allows better control of our emotions.  Cleansing your energy field will help […]

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Harmonizing Hardships in 5 Steps

What is the purpose of the challenges and hardships that we go through? We learn a great deal about ourselves when we are faced with challenges. We are incredibly flexible and resilient. We get pushed and pulled into situations in our life, things get twisted and turned up-side down, yet we all have the amazing ability to bounce back.

It’s great to be back!

I have missed Angel Messenger and am so happy to be back! I recently had a very challenging experience which forced my plans to change quite dramatically. There was a quote I recently read by John Lennon that got my attention; “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Unexpected things have happened to me many times in my life, which I can honestly say; I have had to make back up plans to my back up plans many times over!

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Power of Love

We can uplift the energy in our world by focusing on our heart center and allowing this light in. When we embrace and allow love, it uplifts us instantly, creating a higher vibration. When your energy is vibrating on the highest levels, positive energy is attracted to you like a magnet. You will see the energy around you change; more smiles, cooperation, generosity, compassion- love uplifts!

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Archangel Raphael is woHealer Oracle Card Extended Description – Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtuerking very closely with you to explore and utilize your healing gifts. Everyone has the ability to channel healing energy, but not everyone has a desire to work in a professional healing field; such as a Doctor, Nurse, Energy Worker, etc. You can be a healer in ANY career field simply by being a conduit of healing energy and then expanding that healing energy around you.