”If someone commits suicide, where do they go? Will they be punished? Will they have to come back to this plane and “live” again? Will God/Spirit/Universe be angry? If a person finds that they cannot move forward regardless of seeking therapy, medication, meditation, biofeedback, prayer or a few other modalities, can they just “check out”? What if a person has completed their mission here and they just want to move on to the next plane, is it okay to facilitate/manifest that desired outcome?”

Your question is a very good and complex one. Different religions and/or spiritualists have differing views on this topic. My views are based on my personal experiences with those on the other side.

Where do they go? It depends. Many spirits that commit suicide are confused and afraid, especially at first. They may run from the light, even though that’s where they are meant to go. I do not believe in purgatory or a soul being punished by God/Spirit. However, I do believe that a soul can create their own punishment. God may not ban them from Heaven, but they may turn away from the light themselves due to fear or any one of a number of other reasons. That soul may also become Earth bound by seeing the pain they have inflicted on their loved ones or by the business they’ve left unfinished.

Will they come back here? Again, that depends on what that soul decides to do. He/she may decide they need to come back and complete the task/lesson/life they were meant to complete. Leaving the Earth plane by our own free will means we are abandoning our mission – a mission we chose. Many do come back, but they will usually have some healing to do first. That soul may also choose to stay in Heaven, especially if they felt life on Earth was too harsh for them.

As for manifesting moving on to the next plane, that is something that I’ve actually never thought about. I would consider that outcome would work very similar to a suicide in most cases, though. I do feel that a person on their death bed who prays for death as a release may be different, but now we might be crossing into a whole other debate. Your body shutting down on you is one thing, but making the choice to shut down your body is another.

I guess the truth is that there are always consequences to whatever action we take … that’s basic physics. All the actions we take in our life can have an effect on what happens to us when we die. Will we fear the light, or will we embrace it with open arms? Will we experience great regret at what we’ve left behind, or will we find peace knowing that we’ve lived the best way we know how?

I can tell you that spirits who have committed suicide tend to be more difficult for me to “hear” for a longer period of time than those who passed from other causes, meaning it takes longer for them to deal with their death and successfully cross over. I have never spoken with a spirit who died by suicide that thought they’d done the right thing; all of them experienced or are experiencing regret. There are a few I remember who were indirectly responsible for their own deaths, like drug overdose or reckless driving, and their experiences were similar.

When a person dies and takes on the responsibility for their own death, it can definitely create other issues that they have to deal. Thankfully, if they welcome the light, they will experience unconditional love and support from Heavenly entities and those who passed before them. But, many souls who find themselves departed before their time resist the light for one reason or another. Eventually, they usually come around once they understand more, but it can take some time.

The bottom line? Suicide is never the answer.

Much Love and Blessings,


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  1. Lori
    Lori says:


    Thank you for your detailed response to my very complex question. It was helpful in its clarity and I appreciate the time that you took to answer in a thoughtful, clear, concise manner. Suicide is a very personal matter and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I think, for many who suffer in this world, it is often pondered because they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Once again, thank you for posting my question.



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