Angelic Astrology – September 2015

By Rev. Colleen Lemma

Note: The format of the Monthly Angelic Astrology Article has changed. I have been guided to only focus on the astrological highlights of any given month. This will give a more clear, and concise picture of what the energies of the month are, and how to best work with those energies for our evolution, spiritual growth, and movement forward on our Paths!

September is a month that brings a crescendo of energy within this Year of Empowerment! Why is this? First of all, because it is an 8 Universal Month in an 8 Universal Year! This is an important month within the year 2015 as far as stepping into our authentic Self…..claiming and stepping into our spiritual power……and leaving disempowering circumstances, relationships and energies behind! Secondly, this is eclipse season! We have a New Moon and Full Moon Eclipse which is going to activate a lot of changes in our lives!

The true vibration of September is a 17/8 (2+0+1+5 + 9 {Sept} = 17 and 1+7 = 8). The 17th major arcana in the tarot is the Star Card. This is one of my favorite cards in the tarot as it is about inspiration and the power of your dreams! This card is about connecting with the Universal Mind/Oneness/Universe…..and allowing that Universal Energy to flow in through your crown chakra…..this is used to visualize your hopes, dreams and wishes, and energize them with Source Energy to bring them into manifestation! Through the use of your imagination, and the cosmic forces, you are able to make long term plans to realize your greatest Destiny! This is the time to use your spiritual power to create your future!

We start the month off, astrologically, with beautiful Venus, ruler of Love, Merging, and the Divine Feminine Principle, coming together with action oriented Mars, ruler of Energy, Passion and the Divine Masculine Principle. Venus is still in her retrograde motion for a few more days, until September 6th, and is in her final days of deciding what she really values and desires in relationships, romantic partnerships and with her finances and money. Mars is motivating her to fully step into her confidence, as they are both in the sign of Leo which is about coming into a sense of your inner strength and the Light within!

On September 12th/13th (depending on what part of the world you live in) we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo. This lunation has both Venus and Mars in Leo in a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries. Since, New Moons are about new beginnings and an eclipse magnifies the energy, we can expect there to be changes, and maybe some surprises, in relationships, finances, our motivation to move forward, and our creative self-expression during this time. Virgo energy is quite practical, discerning, and down to earth so it is all about paying attention to the details and getting down to business with this lunation.

Just after mid-month, on September 17th, we have a lot of astrological energies occurring. First, Jupiter in Virgo is opposing Neptune in Pisces. To be honest, we will feel this the whole first half of the month as they gradually get closer to their opposition point. This will play out with other people and with situations around us. The energy could create a type of mental frustration as we attempt to understand and make sense of the circumstances around us. Things may not be clear or make any sense as the Universe asks us to have faith and trust in the unfolding of the spiritual picture of our lives. It may be a challenge to stay positive or to not get caught up in logic or over-analyze. Trust, and take small, practical steps towards your goals, even if you are not able to see the end result yet.

Mercury, which has been in Libra since August 27th, turns retrograde at 15 degrees of Libra on September 17th as well. It will retrograde all the way back to 0 degrees Libra before it turns direct on October 9th. During this retrograde cycle it will be time to review situations regarding the relationships in our lives. Balance, equality, and peace will be the focus, as Mercury does its research and reorganization in an attempt to RE-balance the energies with others that we are associated with.

And the final astrological happening on the 17th is that Saturn, Lord of Karma and Teacher of Lessons, finally moves out of Scorpio for good (until November 2041 that is) and moves into the lighter and more optimistic sign of Sagittarius. This will not be without its own lessons, but the time it has spent rooting out those dis-empowering thoughts, belief systems, situations and relationships in our lives is more or less coming to a close now. Focus the first half of the month, while Saturn is in the last degree of Scorpio, on releasing and letting go of the last remnants of any power and control issues within yourself and within your life.

As Saturn moves into Sagittarius the lessons will now be more about our belief systems, including religion, and our sense of physical and spiritual freedom, and if we truly feel like we are living our truth!

There is also a lot happening on September 24th and 25th. On Thursday, September 24th, Mars moves out of expressive Leo and into work oriented Virgo. We will be paying attention to details, focusing on work related activities, and what steps we need to take to manifest our goals. Virgo is a health conscious sign so we may become more physically active or pay more attention to our diets and health regimen now as well.

We may have a challenging start with the movement of Mars into Virgo as Mercury challenges Pluto, and Mars challenges Saturn during the 24th and 25th………this is going to be powerful energy as the 25th also sees transformative Pluto turning back to direct motion at 12 degrees Capricorn. When a planet slows down and stations before turning retrograde or direct, the energy of that planet will intensify. We may experience power and control issues with circumstances and situations in our lives……this will also be seen on the collective level with corporations, groups, government, etc. With Mars square Saturn we may feel challenged as if our energy is being held back, and with Mercury square Pluto, we will be frustrated and wanting to empower ourselves…………..Mars going into Virgo may support us in taking those first steps to take our power back!

We end the month with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aries on Sunday, September 27th. During this lunation, Mars in Virgo is in a challenging relationship with Saturn in Sagittarius (as we mentioned above) and is approaching an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. We may be feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next or which direction to go. The Eclipse energy will intensify the feeling of the Aries energy of desiring a new beginning, wanting to take charge of our lives, and become more independent from anything or anyone that may be holding us back from our individuality!

I asked the angels what messages they wanted to give to everyone this month, and this is the information they shared.

You are coming out of the “darkness” and into the “Light!” You are on the brink of some very positive changes in your life! This is a turning point, as energies of abundance and prosperity, along with new opportunities, start to manifest!

Remember, this is a month of empowerment! Have confidence… yourself and in life! Stand strong and take charge of your circumstances! Be a leader! The angels are saying that you are on the right path……so keep charging ahead and keep moving forward!

There is no need to push or force…..instead use a balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Energies. This means to take charge and take action, but to balance that with listening to the messages and guidance of the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, as well as your own angels and guides. Everything is occurring in Divine Timing. By balancing initiation and action with being receptive and allowing, you will increase the flow of positive events unfolding in your life!

Many Blessings to You!

Light to All,

Colleen Lemma

Angelic Astrologer & Spiritual Consultant

Monthly Angel Card Reading for September 2015

The cards used in this monthly angel card reading are the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue, and the cards used for the special message are from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards (also by Doreen).

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[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Rev. Colleen is a Heavenly accurate Angelic Astrologer & Spiritual Consultant and one of our tested & trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners. With well over 10 years of experience, some say Colleen’s intuitive guidance is simply life changing. Readings with Colleen are a combination of Intuitive Astrology, Numerology & Tarot.

“Colleen was, as always, fabulous. She shares such relevant information with grace and compassion. She genuinely cares and it is so obvious.”
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About Rev. Colleen

Rev. Colleen Lemma was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author. With well over 15 years of experience, some say Colleen’s intuitive guidance is simply life changing. Readings with Colleen are a combination of Intuitive Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, along with Divine messages from her angels and guides, including the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Rev. Colleen Lemma, C.Ht., has been an active member in the spiritual and metaphysical field of studies since 1995. She took her first astrology class in 1996 and was soon teaching for an astrological learning center and doing professional consultations. She became a non-denominational ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek in 1996 and began her spiritual journey as a healing consultant. She is a Professional Astrologer and Numerologist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Crystologist in the Melody Teachings.

Colleen lectures and does classes and workshops on a variety of topics including Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Crystals, Soulmates, Past Lives, Karma, Children of the New Paradigm, and Soul Empowerment. She is available for teaching and speaking engagements worldwide. You can find her on her website, Sacred Soul Empowerment, and as one of the spiritual readers and healers on the website, Living 5D in a 3D World.

"Colleen was, as always, fabulous. She shares such relevant information with grace and compassion. She genuinely cares and it is so obvious."
~ Angel Messenger Client

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