Angelic Astrology – April 2013

By Rev. Colleen Lemma

We leave last month still feeling the effects from the “Finger of God” aspect that I referred to in the March 2013 Angelic Astrology article. People, especially during the last half of the month, have been a little out of sorts and unbalanced emotionally and mentally. This was due to a purging, releasing and letting go of old energies, mostly regarding communications and belief systems, that are outmoded and not working anymore as we move into a new paradigm of energy on the planet. We may still feel the effects of this into April as a shifting into a new way of believing, functioning and being continues to take place.

This month has the vibration of new beginnings. Yeah!!! Not only do we have the Sun, along with Venus, Mars, Uranus, and later this month Mercury, all in Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) but it is a “1” vibration month in numerology. This is about a new chapter in our lives that is about to be birthed. But birthed into what? That is the question………….

Visualize a baby being born………..during the process of birth you do not really know how long it is going to take or what it is fully going to look like until the birthing process is complete. And sometimes it can be a little (or a lot) uncomfortable during the actual birth itself.

Remember that we are “free will” beings and co-creators with the Divine so part of how our “birth” or new beginning materializes is up to us……….of course, the other part is up to Spirit. But, suffice it to say, we must keep our thoughts and intentions positive and uplifted. We must be courageous in moving forward and be like the Fool card in the Tarot……..jumping off the cliff with complete trust and faith that he will land someplace safe and happy and ready to take the next step on his Path.

We have a New Moon at 20-21 degrees Aries on April 10th. On that day the Moon conjuncts the Sun, Mars and Venus so this is an especially auspicious day to start something new or move forward on a project or desired intention. Aries is a Fire sign and fire is energy or Spirit so use your powers of visualization during meditation this day to create the picture in your mind of what you would like to manifest.

During the second half of the month Venus, the Sun and Mars all move into the sign of Taurus where our intentions and desires can start to take form. Taurus is an Earth sign so it is like the Earth beneath our feet. It gives us solid and secure ground to stand on.

On April 25th, we have a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This is the first of three eclipses that we will be having between April 25th and May 24th-25th. Eclipses bring heightened energy for change and transition on the planet and in our personal lives. Look to a couple of days preceding the eclipse, as well as the day of the eclipse, for events to transpire that deal with Scorpio themes such as power and control, frustrated emotions and issues that are hidden coming out into the open.

I asked the Angels and my Guides what messages they wanted to share with everyone during this month of April.

The first message we already mentioned above. And that is about using your ability as co-creator with God and Source Energy to create, through visualization, the next chapter in your life. Remember that doubt, fear and negativity will block your progress. As I write this, I look up and above my head where I type this I have an Angel sitting on the Moon with a phrase that states: “What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?” Be confident that you are a powerful Light Being and you can be and create anything and everything that you desire! You deserve the best in life and you deserve to be happy, content, abundant and successful!

The next message was about healing. My guides and the angels speak of healing the Divine Feminine within each of you. Heal that part of you that is Unconditional Love, Compassion, Peace and Receptivity. The more you heal the Divine Feminine, the more you can allow all the goodness that the Universe has to offer you, to flow to you. Ask the Feminine Archetypes for healing……….Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis, Saint Therese, Lakshmi, Pele, Tara, Brigit, Kali and a multitude of others. The Angels even said that energy healing would be beneficial at this time, so Reiki or some other form of energy work would be helpful in balancing and clearing your energy field. Remember, we have healers right here on Angel Messenger that can send you long-distance healing if you desire.

The final message this month was about remembering your true spiritual essence and your innocence………… forgive yourself, and everyone, of all past mistakes and release blame and guilt to the Angels and to the Light…………see the goodness and Pure Light Essence in everyone, including yourself, and know that you are a perfect child of God/Goddess and the Creator. 

Blessings to All of You!

Light to All,

Rev. Colleen Lemma

Spiritual Consultant

Colleen is an incredibly accurate intuitive astrologer with well over 10 years of experience, and she is now offering her services here through Angel Messenger. Readings with Colleen are a combination of Intuitive Astrology, Numerology & Tarot. Telephone appointments with Colleen are currently available within the U.S. only, though she does offer email readings worldwide. Read here for more about Colleen.

Recent Testimonial:

“My e-mail reading with Colleen was very precise and to the point. She clarified on many issues i have involving relationship patterns, karmic patterns and she validated some situations that needed an expert for clarification. Overall i am extremely grateful, and very impressed with her skills and precision. She is very gifted. Thank you Colleen.”



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