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Tree of Life Bracelet

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Tree of Life Bracelet

These beautiful bracelets come in four different colors ... Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Purple Amethyst and Black Onyx. The beads are approx. 8mm round natural semi-precious stones. (As with all natural stone, there will be slight differences in color and shape/size.) The silver charm and beading are a silver plated zinc alloy. Each bracelet also comes with an organza gift bag.

These stretch bracelets fit wrist sizes up to and including 8 inches.

These bracelets also have a higher purpose ... 22% of every bracelet sold will be donated to planting trees! (Each bracelet sold plants 3.3 trees.) 🙂

You can also donate directly here ...

Plant trees on 4 Continents; 8 Billion Trees; Plant trees in the United States; Plant trees in Scotland. <3

More about the stone bracelets ...

Clear Crystal Quartz is a Master Healer ... the most versatile and powerful stone in the entire mineral kingdom. It amplifies whatever energy or intention you put into it and will amplify and radiate your own aura outward. In this way, it can enhance and strengthen your aura, protect against negativity and help you attune to your higher self. (Clear Quartz absorbs energy very easily, so it is very important to cleanse your bracelet on a regular basis.)

Green Aventurine is thought to be a "lucky stone", but the real explanation is that it helps things to line up right ... so that conditions of opportunity are more likely to arise. It can help you to release negative patterns and old habits, so that new growth and new patterns and better roads can appear in your life. It can help you embrace more optimism, creativity and motivation ... if you allow it to. It can also help protect against environmental pollution like the electromagnetic smog from your cell phone, so this bracelet should also be cleansed on a regular basis

Purple Amethyst (birthstone of February) used to be as valuable as a Diamond. Ancients called it the "Gem of Fire" as it carries the energies of fire and passion as well as creativity and spirituality.

Amethyst serves as a bridge between physical and ethereal vibrations of energy. This aids in enlightenment and the awakening of the soul, helping people to realize their life purpose and fulfill their ambitions.

Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone in that it absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps to prevent the drain of your personal energy (keeping those energy vampires away). It offers emotional and physical strength and stamina - especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.

An extra bonus is that onyx can also bring happiness and good fortune your way! Most all onyx though real is dyed to get that shiny black look, though it is natural stone.

A message from Re ...

Thank you for considering purchasing this bracelet and planting trees, too! I love trees, and we desperately need more of them in a world that keeps cutting them down. We sorta need them to breathe!!! 🙁

Let's plant some trees! Are you in?



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