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Self Love Fizzy Bath Powder

Includes a beautiful pendant within that was cleansed, blessed and charged on the Full Snow Moon.
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Brand: Angel Messenger
Self Love Fizzy Bath Powder
(includes a Real Stone Pendant)

This is a completely pure and non-toxic product designed to help you love yourself and heal emotionally from the day to day stress and anxiety, balance emotions, bring protection and calmly ground your energy so that you can relax.

All ingredients are organic even though it may not be listed on the label because the label is small and some products, like Pink Himalayan Salt, are naturally organic. The salts are fine grain and highest quality. We don't add dyes. This powder is pink and is colored with beet root powder.

These bags are a concentrated powder. You only need to use about a tablespoon of powder per bath. There is not a scoop in the bag as most households have this item, and it would have taken up needed space. There are about 10 baths per bag. Using too much powder could also leave a pinkish ring around your tub that is a bit messy. It will come off, though. If you would like to add this to regular Epsom Salts, that is perfectly fine and will not affect the purpose of this blessed bath.

Each bag comes with a beautiful & real stone pendant!

Our Self Love Fizzy Bath Powders all include a beautiful pendant within that was cleansed, blessed and charged on the Full Snow Moon, which we dedicated to Self Love & Self Care. You can opt to either choose your pendant type or allow Re to intuitively choose one for you. Each bag includes either a Rose Quartz Pendant, a Cherry Blossom Agate Pendant or a Red Cherry Creek Jasper Pendant. View images above to see what they look like (they are in order). All but maybe the Rose Quartz can be used for women or men, though pink does look good on men, too. 😉

Please do not use the whole bag for one bath, and please DO BE CAREFUL OF THE PENDANT! If you dump the whole bag into the tub, including the pendant, it could break the pendant. Right now, your beautiful pendant is protected by the powder and is charging your powder with the energy of the stone. Please be aware and carefully remove the pendant from the powder. Please do allow for some natural differences and imperfections as these pendants are polished but natural stone.

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love. Vibrating to the energy of love, it can bring joy and emotional healing. It can balance emotions and promote feelings of self-love.

Cherry Blossom Agate is a powerful healing stone, especially for those who have experienced loss or trauma. This stone can provide a calming, nurturing effect for those in stressful situations. It activates the heart and root chakras, encouraging stability and self-reliance but can also be used on any chakras to clear energy and release blockages.

Red Cherry Creek Jasper
is a newer find but has become immensely popular. Miners in China were looking for turquoise when they found this lovely red, green, yellow, blue-gray and black stone instead.

Red Jasper is reported to increase emotional focus and balance. It can also remove negative energy, worry, emotional stress, anxiety and confusion. Red Jasper is great for anxious mood, emotional frustrations, thought clarity, general mood balancing energies and channeling. Red Jasper is said to increase emotional stamina, self confidence, self-trust, emotional protection and grounding, courage, balance, calm, compassion and relaxation.

This unique stone is also beneficial for electromagnetic and environmental pollution, radiation, prolonged illness or hospitalization, circulation and balancing the mineral content of the body. Red Jasper is a supreme nurturer. It is an excellent stone for quick thinking, promoting organizational abilities and stimulating imagination for transforming ideas into action.

Optional Necklace Kit ($5) ...
I know some people are excellent at wire wrapping or other things, so I didn't want to automatically include this, which would make the powder more expensive. That's why it's an optional add on instead. I hope to add more photos soon.

The optional necklace kit includes ...

* 44 inches of 1mm Waxed Polyester Cord in your choice of white, gray or black
* Threader to help you get the cord through the holes in your pendant and bead
* Natural Stainless Steel (Silver) 8mm Guru Troll Bead with Spirals (representing life) and a five dot pattern (representing the elements).

Other Ideas ...

To make your sacred/ritual bath even more special, consider smudging the bathroom or bathing area before you bathe. Also, you can use a candle on the side of the tub simply for ambiance or for setting an intention. (Sage the space while filling the tub with water, add the bath powder, set the intention, light the candle and then get in the tub.)

Why Bath Powders?

Healthy magnesium levels (found in Epsom salts) can help to fight depression and inflammation caused by environmental triggers. These bath powders are designed to help us let go of the toxic energy spiritually sensitive people pick up.

The healing baths I have created for myself have been one of the most important tools in my healing arsenal, and now I'm making them to share with you because I know how important they are. I hope you enjoy them.

Love, Re

**Recommended for ages 9+; This product contains coconut oil; please keep in mind that oils can make bathtubs slippery. Some may be sensitive to citric acid, though it is an active and necessary ingredient.

Organic Essential Oils: Love Essential Oil, Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oils

About 7 oz; 11 Tablespoons of powder (includes a stone pendant, recommended for ages 9+)

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