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Nominate a Unicorn

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Let's make a difference!
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Nominate a Unicorn (Tea w/ Re Project)

To me, a unicorn is someone who is really doing something special or making some kind of difference in the world. If you know someone like this, I would like to know about it. I've started a "Tea with Re" segment on Facebook and YouTube. I'm not sure yet what it will develop into, though would like to honor those who are trying to make the world a better place ... the unicorns! <3

This person may look like a grownup human being, but they are no ordinary mortal! Their magical powers can make everyday life feel about 125% more fantastical (and fun). This person could be a friend, lover, coworker or anyone.

Here are some ideas that may inspire you to nominate someone ...

~ Are they noble, brave or shoot lightning bolts from their eyes?
~ Do they speak fluent narwal?
~ Do they always make you laugh?
~ Do they charm dragons (and haters)?
~ Do the carry a secret passport to Fairyland?
~ Do they know how to do something cool?
~ Do they inspire others to sparkle?
~ Maybe they simply sprinkle enchantment wherever they go?
~ Do they poop glitter? (I hope not!) 🙂
~ Are they kind and good but not a goody-goody?
~ Do they use moondust for hairspray?
~ Do they bring the party?
~ Do they love with their whole heart?
~ Are they simply legendary?

These ideas came from our Honorary Unicorn Nifty Note, but you may have your own explanation for why your unicorn is a unicorn. Each and every one is unique after all. <3

Making a donation ...
The minimum donation to nominate is $5. If you make a larger donation to this project, it does not guarantee that your nominee will get anything super special, but it just might allow us to do something special for someone. What that might be, we are not sure yet but hope it will be something cool! 😀 It depends on how many donations come in.

100% of your donation goes to this project.
Adding on a 5% tip at checkout will cover processing fees, which is very helpful.


If you don't fill out the questions, I won't know how to address your nomination.

For example, if you nominate "Sally" for being a great nurse (with explanation), and you have donated $5. I would be able to say a thank you to her on one of my videos, like "Thank you to Sally M. from Minnesota for being a great nurse. She really went out of her way to help Rebecca's mom, and Rebecca wanted Sally to be lifted up as a unicorn. Thank you Sally and thank you Rebecca for seeing Sally's beauty!

Let's say Kevin wants to nominate his mother as a unicorn because she is a single mother who has been working two jobs all her life and just retired. Kevin bought a card for his mom and made a $20 donation. With this, I would also nominate her publicly because that's awesome, and I would hope she would have some "me time" now. Kevin should use his mother's info to check out so that I have her mailing info, partly because I will also add items to the card for self-care, and they will have more value than $20 because I like to give gifts (though I will have to be careful about this). 😉 He can use his email to check out, so that he will get shipping updates.

If I start getting too many nominations, I might have to do something different or limit them, but for now just want to lift up some people who are making differences in ways that people may not notice but do make a big difference.

Thank you for your donation. Wishing you blessings in all good things.

Much Love,


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