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Mermaid Rising Necklace

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Product Details

Mermaid Rising Necklace

These necklaces feature a petite double-sided mermaid charm with a bonus charm at the close. The longer 26 inch chain allows you to put on your necklace without having to work the clasp. Read below for more information on the bonus charms. (Please do read below as this necklace is dainty and may be smaller than appears in images.)

"I created the silver design for myself and my niece. Both of us are Scorpios - water signs. I wanted to teach that even in the depths of a great emotional storm, the Scorpio has the strength to overcome anything as we have more than one sign. We do have the Scorpio, but we also have the Eagle.

So, even if the mermaid is at the bottom of a great ocean and must rise up against many great obstacles (represented by the satellite beads on the chain), she will eventually rise up high enough to reach her angel wings (on the silver chain) or simply rise enough through the tough muddy waters to become the lotus (on the gold chain). On the gold chain, it may be that she has even turned gold by the flame of the Phoenix (also a Scorpio symbol). Both necklaces symbolize the reward at the end of great struggle." ~ Re

As a totem/spirit guide, Mermaid is tied to the Sacred Feminine and connects the heart to the mind. She can help you connect to what is uniquely you. Mermaid connects us to the depths of our emotions and can even help connect to our psychic self. This is a totem that can offer aid in deep emotional healing and deep spiritual growth.

Some believe that mermaids were once from Atlantis and shape shifted into sea-folk when the city fell. They are a wise species, and can be friend or foe depending on the intention of the person they come in contact with. Though one of pure heart would not need to worry.

If you are attracted to mermaid energy, you may be a force for Feminine power yourself. You may have a way with words or a connection to water. You may have the ability to discern who is pure of heart. One thing for sure is that mermaid means you are enchanted by the unknown; you are ready and willing to learn with an open heart and mind.

Mermaid is a very special and very powerful totem. <3

Chain: The light weight chains are silver or gold plated over brass satellite chain, 26 inches long and 1.5mm wide with a lobster claw clasp.

Charm: The vintage mermaid charm is lightweight and dainty at 7 x 16.5mm (not including bail; 20mm long with bail). Colors are antique gold or antique silver. (Mermaid is 5.5mm wide at shoulders and about 9mm wide at base.)

*Silver Bonus Charm: The silver version of this necklace includes an angel heart with wings bonus charm, which is only available in silver. This piece represents the merangel - a mermaid with angel wings.This bonus charm is an antique silver angel heart with wings etched on the front - a zinc alloy and 9 x 10mm.

**Gold Bonus Charm: The gold version did not originally have a bonus charm, so there is not one currently pictured. However, it has recently been redesigned with a round lotus charm at the close of the necklace. Re redesigned this necklace with the idea that the gold mermaid likely had a more difficult journey as gold in the Divine Feminine is the highest form of the Divine Feminine. The lotus is a symbol of that energy - a beautiful flower that only grows from mud; it must grow from such a difficult journey. This bonus charm is a round antique gold disk with a lotus etched on the front - a zinc alloy and 8mm.

Please remove this item before bathing or swimming.

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