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Magical Unicorn Fizzy Bath Powder (with jewels from unicorn land)

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Bath powder with fabulous jewels and a hint of lavender.
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Magical Unicorn Fizzy Bath Powder
(with jewels from Unicorn Land)

This is version 2 of our magical bath powder for little ones. The powder is the same completely pure and non-toxic product as our unicorn powder. However, instead of a baby unicorn, you'll find one or two jewels from unicorn land inside. This powder also includes lavender essential oil.

I had hoped to order more jewels to offer you better images, though the seller was unfortunately sold out. So, I only have the pre-images I took before adding them to the powder.

Two Sizes ...

The small bags each have one jewel in them - either a ring or a bracelet and are good for one bath.

The large bags are limited in quantity and have a matching set of jewels - both a ring and a bracelet that match. (The large bags could be used for 2 or possibly 3 baths.)

We don't add dyes. The pink powder is colored with beet powder.

As I said in the other description, there are many spiritually gifted (and thus even more sensitive) children being born into this world. They will need healthy magnesium levels to function because it will help them fight negative energies and inflammation caused by environmental triggers. These bath powders are designed to help children let go of the toxic energy they might pick up. As parents, it is our job to care for these special children. That didn't happen for me, but the baths I put together for myself have really been helpful, and I hope by making bath time fun for kids, we can also help them be safe from energies in their environment.

Love, Re

**Recommended for ages 3+; This product contains coconut oil; please keep in mind that oils can make bathtubs a little slippery. Some children may be sensitive to citric acid, though it is an active and necessary ingredient.

Organic Essential Oils: Kid safe lavender essential oil (ages 2+)

Small bags 2 oz; Large bags 4 oz (includes fabulous jewels from unicorn land, recommended for ages 3+)

This video shows the white bath powder in action (with a baby unicorn) ...

Make a Difference ...

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