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Guardian Angel Love Bracelet

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Brand: Handmade by Re

Guardian Angel Love Bracelet
(Limited Quantity)

This powerful bracelet is for anyone looking for emotional support, protection or wanting to help create love in the world. The beads are real gemstones and top quality Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Onyx. The rondelles and small silver hearts are silver plated zinc alloy, and the silver wing bead is sterling silver plated. Each bracelet also comes with a rose pink velvet bag.

This bracelet was consciously designed by Re (Rev. Sheri) in an effort to bring more love into the world ... and added protection from a guardian angel. Each bracelet is handmade by Re and blessed on her own altar. In addition, when knotting her bracelets, she embeds blessings into the knots and adds a dot of super glue to keep them securely tied. Beads are 8mm in size. This stretch bracelet fits wrist sizes up to and including 8 inches.

These bracelets also have a higher purpose ... 33% of every bracelet sold will be donated to our Guardian Angel Project.

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and is known as the "Love Magnet". Rose Quartz heals your heart and helps you to practice forgiveness, understanding, and compassion, which helps you to love unconditionally. It is the stone of the Heart Chakra and removes blockages in the heart caused by pain so you can return to a state of love (which can make your energy more attractive to others).

Rhodonite comes from the Greek word meaning 'a rose'. This stone is excellent for balancing the emotions - especially during traumatic times. Rhodonite is well-known for its ability to bring emotional healing to the Heart Chakra as well as the release of blocked energy. It stimulates acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others.

Onyx is a powerful protection stone in that it absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps to prevent the drain of your personal energy (keeping those energy vampires away). It offers emotional and physical strength and stamina - especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief. An extra bonus is that onyx can also bring happiness and good fortune your way!

I hope you find this combination to be as powerful as I find it to be. Each bracelet comes with it's own velvet bag to keep your bracelet in. This will help to protect the stones. (Too much exposure to the sun can bleach rose quartz.) I would also not recommend showering or working out with your bracelet on.

A Note about the stones: Most all onyx though real is dyed to get that shiny black look. The rose quartz and rhodonite will have differences in color and even small imperfections as they are natural stone. Each and every bracelet will be unique because of this. MADE IN THE USA.

A message from Re ...

Thank you for considering purchasing this bracelet and being a part of something bigger. I blessed this group of bracelets on a full moon. My intention was to focus the intention of Love and Protection into these bracelets and so that those who would wear them would be Beacons of this energy in our world ... because It Is SO NEEDED!!!

33 is the energy of Christ Consciousness, and that is the energy I am trying most of all to bring into this world. Christ energy is a high vibration of enlightened consciousness, and my intention is to raise that consciousness in our world ... in whatever way I am capable of doing so.

Will you help me to make a bigger difference in our world? In purchasing one of these bracelets, not only are you buying something beautiful for yourself or a friend, you are making a donation to a great cause. You are being a Guardian Angel to others and helping to raise our vibration to a consciousness of enlightenment. Blessed Be! <3



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