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Gold Wings Wolf 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kit

SKU 99555
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Product Details

Gold Wings Wolf 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kit

Diamond painting kits are a fun and beautiful upgrade from adult coloring. This kit is the Gold Wings Wolf 5D DIY Diamond Painting kit with full square bits to go on a 20cm x 25cm adhesive canvas. The idea is similar to cross stitch, if you are familiar with that.

Directions are included, though it is quite simple once you catch on. The cloth canvas has letters printed all over it that correspond to numbers. These numbers and letters match up on a color code key. (Each number corresponds to a color, and that number is also printed on the bag of the color(s).)

This is not a project you'll finish in one night. You will get your money's worth in a project that will keep you busy for a while. It's also a fun project and a unique art piece that you can frame if you wish.

The wolf as a spirit animal connects to a deep desire for freedom. Wolves are also highly intelligent and have strong instincts and intuition. They are also very loyal to those they consider in their pack and need to be in their community. Many people today fear the wolf as it has been shown in such a negative light, but it can be a very powerful and a positive guide to those who respect their nature, shown here by the golden wings. <3

Items Included:

- drill pen
- drill mud (goes in pen to help you pick up diamond bits)
- tweezers (for mistakes)
- drill plate (for the color you are currently using ... shake plate from side to side to help bits fall diamond side up. The flat side goes against the canvas.)
- embroidered adhesive canvas cloth (20cm x 25cm), which is about 7.87 inches x 9.84 inches.
- full square diamond drill bits (colors)
- printed instructions
* frame not included


1. Do not remove entire cover from canvas when you begin. Instead, begin in one corner and work from there. It was recommended to me that, if you are right handed, it may be best to start in the lower left hand corner so that your hand does not stick to the canvas.

2. Flatten canvas before beginning. We will send your canvas rolled. Be sure to get your canvas as flat as possible before you begin. Lay books on top of it if necessary.

3. Your directions may say "Free Shipping" on them, even though you will have paid for shipping. We probably got free shipping from the supplier, but that's also why we had to wait months to get the product. We charge for shipping because we charge exactly what it costs to get it to you as quickly as possible.

4. Have fun!!! The whole reason we are adding craft items to our store is to help people de-stress and find joy. Being creative unlocks that childlike part of our brain that remembers how to play and not be so stressed all the time. This is our goal with these products. <3

5. This is a DIY product. It's a creative crafting project that's fun and enjoyable. It's sort-of like cross stitch meets paint by number but better. Melt away stress while creating your own wall art! Make a unique gift for someone you love! This could also be a great family craft project! 🙂

The sale of this product supports our work here at Angel Messenger.

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