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Friendship Donation Bracelet

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Friendship Donation Bracelet

**Holiday Sale**

Memory wire bracelets with charms and free organza gift bag; fit wrist sizes up to 7.5 inches. All bracelets are made by Re. <3

These bracelets are all unique and beautiful. This is our newest bracelet and has been a bit of a complicated one to add because each and every bracelet is unique and different. Because there are many days where I am stuck in bed, I wanted something I could do in bed besides reading or watching TV. So, I went to the craft store to figure out something I could do in bed.

I found this stuff called memory wire that kind-of looks like a slinky, and you cut it to the length you want your bracelet and add whatever glass, acrylic, metallic, wood, etc. beads you wish. I also add charms to each one. This allows me to be really creative! However, I was collecting all these wonderfully adorable bracelets. I gave a few to friends, and that gave me an idea ... I decided to call them Friendship Donation bracelets with the idea that I am also worthy of a bit of help, and that is difficult for me to say.

These bracelets also have a higher purpose ... 50%+ of every bracelet sold will be saved for my health care needs. Though I am able to afford health insurance now, which does allow me to see a great Rheumatologist, there are some really important and helpful therapies that insurance does not cover. Massage and acupuncture were both very helpful in dealing with my illness ... when I could afford to go. In the last year, this illness has really progressed in a bad way, and I know these therapies would help me a great deal. Now that the colder months are on the way, I am concerned about what is in store for me.

So, when you buy a Friendship Donation Bracelet, you are making a donation to my personal health so that I might be able to afford the therapies that actually do help but are not covered by insurance. And I will send you a friendship bracelet in return.

During checkout, right before you pay (after you select a shipping option), you will see a comment box. In the comment box, please leave me a note about what kind of charm you might like and maybe what colors you may prefer. (Please keep in mind that these are already made bracelets, so I may have the charm but not in your requested colors.) Check out the images above. I may not still have the ones pictured, but I will try my best to pick out a bracelet you will love. *If you are unable to send a message during checkout, just send us an email at 🙂

I can't guarantee that I will have a specific charm available, but charms I use include the following: Butterfly, dragonfly, mermaid, unicorn, colored gems, diamond like sparkly charm, tiny silver or gold locket, stars, heart, sea turtle, sea shell, cross, key, key with lock (two charms), star fish, fish, hummingbird, angel, cameo, navigation symbol, fortune cookie, bee and there will be others as I add them to my collection.

There are also charms with sayings like, "Luck", "Hope", "Just Breathe", "Most of All, Let Love Guide Your Life", "Rise Up", "Expect Miracles", "I'll Rise", "Faith", "Joy",

The minimum donation is currently $15 (Holiday Sale!). You are welcome to give more if you wish, and I am grateful for every donation given. Some bracelets are more detailed or have two charms, so those will be given to higher donations. If you want 2 bracelets, please add them to your cart separately. The dollar value of these bracelets is somewhere between $20 to $30 for most of them. The value of some of the charms is higher than others. However, I will say this is not really one of those things where you give a little with a chance of getting a high value item. It's more of a give a little and get a unique friendship bracelet in return with gratitude kinda thing, knowing you are helping someone who has a chronic illness and deals with pain every single day. <3

(When the donation is $20, 50% will stay with Angel Messenger ... $10. When the donation is more, $10 will still stay with Angel Messenger to cover credit card fees, taxes, etc. and the remainder will go to my health fund. If this changes in the future because I have enough money for my health, this note will change.)

Thanks for your help! 🙂

Much Love, Gratitude and Many Blessings,


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