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Compassion in Action Giveaway (Enter Giveaway Here - MARCH 9TH - APRIL 24TH!)

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Compassion in Action Giveaway

(Enter Giveaway Here!)

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

We have decided to celebrate Easter and the coming of spring and the new Dawn by doing a giveaway to promote compassion. What are we giving away? It's something cool, I promise! It's really quite simple. Let's talk first about why compassion is important ...

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

~ Dalai Lama

This is where you enter our giveaway!
DATES: March 9th, 2020 to April 24th, 2020

Enter the giveaway by supporting one of our Charity Projects ...

Why Compassion is Important

Compassion requires us to have empathy for another's situation, and sometimes it is difficult to put ourselves in another persons shoes when we have not walked a path similar to theirs. We cannot have compassion for suffering if we have not suffered. However, deep love for another can still allow us to have compassion as opposed to judgment. Compassion is necessary in this world because it leads to positive action, and a whole lot of positive action needs to take place to push humanity in the right direction.

Compassion makes us present in the suffering of others (and ourselves). When we respond from the heart with a true desire to relieve this suffering with purity, love, kindness and support, we can create miracles of change in this world.

Compassion is a noble and powerful force of LOVE, and it has the power to heal on a massive scale. When you look back at history, it's not the most famous or perfect people that make the biggest differences ... it's always those with the biggest hearts; the ones who birth miracles of compassion ... It's those like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Abe Lincoln, Moses ... they all had a message to share.

There is a message that I bring to you today ... Compassion holds the key to saving us all!

Compassion unites us and can change lives far more than it ever costs.

Where Angel Messenger Takes Compassionate Action

In addition to charities that we donate directly to, Angel Messenger has our own charity projects that we have created, though we are not a “non-profit”. We just want to do something that matters, and our spiritual jewelry sales support these projects, too. There are five charity projects we are working on now that I will briefly list below (as well as the charities we donate to). If you would like more details on our projects, please check out all our charity projects here. (Enter the Giveaway simply by Selecting a Charity Project you would like to donate to and a donation amount, and then "Add to Bag". Once you checkout, you will have entered the giveaway!)

1. The Guardian Angel Project

This project is one that I had hoped to be able to do a lot more with, but it is currently a very small project. Our goal is to raise money to pay off school lunch debts for elementary and middle school aged children, so that kids don’t have to be shamed or embarrassed when their school lunch money runs out. We have not raised very much money so far, but every little bit helps. Every debt paid is one less child who is shamed. (This money will be saved for when children return to school.)

2. Pit Pals Charity Project

We also have our “Pit Pals” Charity Project, and this project is dedicated to supporting no-kill animal shelters and rescues who are doing great work. We've purchased new collars, food, treats and toys for shelter pets … because studies have shown that these things make shelter pets happier pets and happier pets get adopted faster … meaning those poor little babies in cages spend less time there. (Especially now, the virus prevents adoption, so these babies need more help than ever purchasing food and toys to make their days a little bit brighter.)

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

~ Albert Einstein

3. Fur Friends Reading Project

This is a new project that will be beginning soon. The idea is that it will provide a stuffed animal and a book to many children. My plan is to connect with teachers in order to do this, and the idea is to improve reading as well as to foster early compassion and relationships with animals. Our next generation needs to understand the importance of our environment and our fur friends. (It may be next school year before we have enough money to do this, so every bit helps.)

4. EVE – Ending Violent Encounters

The Eve organization is new to me, but I believe in what they are doing. Eve was founded in 1977 and is dedicated to Ending Violent Encounters. They’ve been doing this for a while. <3 As someone who has been a victim of violence, I felt an immediate connection to this cause. Since my illness limits my physical activity, I dedicate projects to help raise whatever money I can for worthy causes, and Eve definitely qualifies!

5. Saving Trees

Why should we save trees? Because too many are being cut down, and WE NEED THEM TO BREATHE! Trees are a natural way our Mother Earth cleans the air we breathe. Trees breathe in our carbon dioxide, and they breathe out oxygen … so, yeah we really do need trees! Other animals need them as homes, and even the orca need them to survive.

6. My Own Health Care Needs

As you may or may not be aware, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a chronic form of PTSD. Some days are better than others, but this is a difficult illness to deal with. I try to do what I can to make a difference in the world. Partly, I think it’s because, even though I can’t end my own pain, I want to do what I can to help end the suffering of others. In another way, I think this work makes me feel like my life is worth living even though it is painful … sometimes too painful. (Current donations to my health care needs will help me to purchase the supplements that help me to feel better. I'm also doing some research into the true cause of my pain.)

7. Raices

Raices envisions a society where all people have the right to migrate and human rights are guaranteed. They are some of the warriors successfully defending the rights of immigrants and refugees. They “empower INDIVIDUALS, FAMILIES, AND COMMUNITIES, AND advocate FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE”.

How to Enter the Giveaway

I know ... finally, right? I took a while getting to this part, but the above information was essential. You needed to understand why compassion is so important, and you needed to know the ways in which we ourselves put compassion into action because these are the ways you enter the giveaway. That's right, you enter the giveaway by showing compassion for one of the seven choices above. Your donation can be as little as $1 or as great as $100; the choice is up to you and your compassionate heart. You can also add multiple products to your bag, if you would like to, meaning you can choose a $1 donation and 11 to the quantity box to make an $11 donation for example. Or, you can add $10 for one charity and $5 for another in the same order. (Keep reading to see what you can win.)

“It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.”

~ Dalai Lama

What You Can Win ...

We are giving away a couple of great prizes that represent this project quite well.

Prize #1

One prize will include our Tree of Life Necklace and one of our Tree of Life Bracelets. (You will get your choice of bracelet color.) These are the products we sell that support planting trees, so of course this is a fitting prize to give in honor of those having compassion for this project. These items can also be purchased in our store, or you can simply view them for a closer look at the prizes ...

View the Tree of Life Necklace here.

View the Tree of Life Bracelet here.

Prize #2

Another prize will be our Goddess of Compassion (Kuan Yin) Necklace and our Lotus Love Bracelet because of course these items hold the very essence of what this project is. Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion. She is the Great Mother of compassion itself!

View the Goddess of Compassion (Kuan Yin) Necklace here.

View the Lotus Love Bracelet here.

How Prizes Will Be Awarded

I have really thought about this, and decided that first prize will go to the largest donation because this is about taking action. (Second prize will be different.) For some time, I have been trying to get people to take action ... to make donations on our website. However, most people do not make donations; they simply download our free stuff and use our free services and never donate ... not even one dollar. It sometimes makes me very sad because it's hard for me to believe that many people cannot afford a one dollar donation ... even my grandmother who barely has any money to her name has found a way to donate money to save trees.

This world is what we make it. Generosity and compassion are very important life traits that we need to have - even when we don't have much. I wasn't kidding when I said that Compassion holds the key to saving us all!

Honestly, my family has a lot less than a lot of people ... we also have more than some, and I am grateful for what we have. No matter what we have or don't have, I know there are others in this world who are suffering, and I know Gaia is in jeopardy. It's just an easy choice for me to give I guess ... I ask myself, "What kind of world do I want to create for those I love? If I'm not here, what kind of world do I want to leave behind for them?"

The future I see now just is not what I want for them, so I have to change it. So, I keep fighting every day to make a difference!!! Some days are more difficult than others because of this illness that is not easy to deal with, but I will fight until I cannot fight any longer.

My goal with this giveaway is to encourage compassion in others; to encourage great generosity and even small acts of kindness. So, first prize will go to the largest donor. That person will get to choose which prize they would like. (If the largest donation is a tie, there will be a drawing among the largest donor(s). The winner will be selected from that drawing, and those who don't win will have a chance at the other prize(s).) Second prize will be randomly chosen, so anyone can win ... even if you only donated one dollar. Depending on how many donations we receive, I may also give away some additional items.

First Place Prize: Goes to Largest Donor (Gets Choice of Prize)

Second Place Prize: Randomly Chosen

I hope you will join me in creating more Compassion in Action. It is needed in this world, and working together can and will make a great difference.

ACT NOW -> Enter the Compassion in Action Giveaway by donating to one of our Charity Projects listed above.

RULES: This giveaway is open worldwide to anyone age 18 and over. Angel Messenger will also be paying the most economical shipping cost for the winners, though there are some countries that will not allow shipping from the United States at this time. I do understand that these prizes are not "for men" and do not mean to exclude men from this giveaway ... please consider that these prizes could be gifts for someone that you love. We hope to add jewelry for men at some point in the future. 🙂 All donations made all across pages of our store, whether through this donation page or via a jewelry purchase page, etc. count for this giveaway.

Wishing you blessings in all good things.

Much Love,

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