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Celtic Bangles

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Product Details

Celtic Bangles

These unique bracelets are an open cuff style with Celtic designs wrapped from front all the way around the side of the bracelet.They look great and fashionable on both men & women (unisex).

Each bracelet contains two high-quality rare earth magnets delivering 2000 Gauss each, which can reduce neuropathy pain, fatigue & muscle tension. Magnet therapy can also improve blood circulation, energy, balance, and sleep.

These bracelets will fit most wrists at 2.44" diameter and just over a half inch wide. It comes packed in a luxurious black velvet pouch. This makes it a beautiful, easy-to-wrap gift for every occasion.

Three Design Options

The Tree of Life (Yggdrasil) Bangle
Yggdrasil, also called the Tree of Life, is one of the most popular symbols not just in Celtic mythology, but overall. Yggdrasil is the belief in the cycle of life. It's a powerful symbol where the tree itself is at the center of all worlds, mortal and immortal (seen and unseen). It contains all the worlds and represents the cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth. Yggdrasil is also important in Norse mythology as the Sacred Ash the contains the nine worlds.

The Irish Celtic symbol of the Tree of Life is synonymous with the Emerald Isle itself and represents the deep, connected bond with nature and the elements. Different trees can be represented, and the image can have different meanings for different trees.

The Claddagh Trinity Bangle
This bracelet includes several symbols. The Claddagh means love, loyalty and friendship. In fact, some use this symbol in a ring for a wedding ring. It is a symbol intended to be given to a loved one.

The Trinity Knot, also known as the Triquetra, is one of the most well-known Celtic symbols. This symbol means an eternal, spiritual life and existence. Christians refer to this as meaning the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Others may refer to it as Maiden, Mother and Crone.

The third image on this bracelet is the triskele, which is the main image on the final bracelet ...

The Triskele Bangle
The name is actually derived from the Greek word "triskeles", meaning "three legs", and ancient drawings of the symbol do look like three legs. There are a few meanings ascribed to this design. Some say it is a symbol of the holy trinity ... The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Some suggest it means life, death, rebirth or body, mind, spirit.

The Magick of Three
Whether Triskele or Triquetra, there is power in three. The meanings of symbols differ for each group and do change through time, though trinities are quite possibly an ancient way to help people avoid duality of though, that "black or white" thinking that causes so much turmoil in our world today; the kind of thought that hinders progress, blinds wisdom and blocks spiritual growth.

"For me personally, both the Triquetra and the Triskele help to me incorporate all the missing parts of me, and they offer protection from my ancestors." ~ Re

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