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Blessing an Item (Options $35 & Up)

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Blessings work best on pieces of jewelry or something that can be placed in a room.
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Blessing an Item

This item to be blessed must be an item that you are purchasing in this transaction. Please understand that adding a blessing to your purchase may delay your shipping time as blessings may not be completed right away. (Blessings cannot be completed during a waning moon cycle, UNLESS the blessing is for letting go or moving on from something. Click here for current moon cycle.)

Blessings work best on pieces of jewelry, something that can be worn every day. Remember, a blessing is intended to bless the person it is for. It NEVER seeks harm and NEVER takes away free will. If you are purchasing this for someone else, be sure you are doing it from a place of LOVE.

While it is true that I have been struggling with a chronic illness myself, I have been blessing items and creating blessing bracelets for family and loved ones for the last few years. I've also been working on major things on the world stage and feel it's time I start helping in this way a little bit to see how it feels - as long as it does not affect my health.

However, these sessions will be limited as I do have other projects that need my attention.

***Please do fill out the questions the best you can so that I will be able to do my work for you the best of my ability. This is not about "testing the psychic", which will be a waste of my time and yours. In fact, blessings have very little to do with my psychic skills, so be honest about what you need help with. This is about ceremony and connection to those who can protect you or help you with your journey. It's about respect, love, honor and all those things you learn on the journey home to you.

Two Types of Blessings
Due to the busy-ness of the season, only the simple blessing is currently available.

$35 Simple Blessing: A simple blessing usually takes me about 15 to 20 minutes. This includes cleansing of the item and a blessing. Your item, especially if it is jewelry, may arrive with herbs in the bag/box it arrives it ... just so you are aware. I may keep these things with your item to keep the energy with the item during shipping, but you can discard it upon arrival ... release it to the wind. 🙂 Or, I may have already discarded the items.

$85 Full Blessing: A full blessing can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. The 45 minutes to an hour would be the bulk of my time working with the piece, though it would sit on my own altar with my own set up for another hour. Also, if you have two items for the same person, I can do them both at the same time for $95. (Just be sure to clarify what energy you need for each item.)

Energy Exchange
I understand, you're thinking that you're already paying me for my time and energy, so why do you have to pay for the "energy exchange"? Right, I get it! But, we need to create an exchange of energy for your blessing. I am creating an open dialogue between you and the higher spirit realms, and I ask them to grant this request on your behalf. I cannot give my own energy for that request. It has to be a freely given gift from you.

A blessing is about transforming energy. Your freely given gift of love will be transformed into your blessing. It is up to you what you feel that gift should be. You can also write in the "notes" box during check out if you would like that gift to go to one of our specific Charity Projects. Or, I will select the best option for you.
(Your gift should reflect the blessing you're asking for.)

Who I work with ...

I work with God and Goddess energy as well as Christ energy and of course your angels and guides. If there is a specific energy you would like me to work with for you, please mention that. I work with most Goddesses. If you are having problems with "evil" entities, that is not something I can work with at this time as I am doing enough of that on the world stage at the moment. This purchase is only for blessing an item.

I hope to offer you a blessing soon!

~ Re

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