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Weekly Angel Card Messages by Doreen Virtue

Many of you know Doreen Virtue as the wonderful author she is, but did you know that she posts weekly angel messages on YouTube each week?  I’ve been posting the messages in my blog each week, but the collection is also embedded in my site here … http://www.angelmessenger.net/doreens-weekly-oracle-card-reading/

It can also be found by hovering over the “Free Readings” button in the navigation menu above.  Scroll down through the readings, and the “Weekly Message Videos by Doreen” page will pop out to the right when you hover over the “Weekly Angel Readings” tab. 

The Weekly Angel Reading is a layout that is currently only found on this menu as I haven’t added it to the page yet.  Enjoy our free readings, and enjoy a message from Doreen while you are here.  😉

Angel Blessings for a wonderful week,



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