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Update on “God’s Vengeance”

Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous “Ask Sheri” blog post regarding “God’s Vengeance” and the devastation in Japan.  I received quite a few comments through my email, as well as a couple here on my blog and on Facebook.  It’s clear some people do really think negatively about what these weather patterns mean, but others do have a more enlightened way of looking at all of this.

While all the negativity does make me upset, I have to realize that not everyone thinks the same way and are not meant to.  We all believe what we believe because of a combination of who we are and our environments.

As difficult as it is for me to understand why anyone would believe anyone “deserves” such a horrible experience, my challenge is to love and understand those individuals for who they are as well.  I’ve always had difficulty understanding those types of thought patterns, but it’s not fair for me to judge them either.

In a way, my anger at their words is just as bad as their negative reaction.  We are all human, and I’m no different.  I’ve never said otherwise, and I’m not ashamed to share who I am … the positives and the challenges.  I own my feelings and my anger at the hatred expressed by others.  But, now I am challenging myself to address that anger in a more positive way.

I understand that my own anger will do nothing more than add to the collective and in effect accomplish the opposite of what I’m aiming for.  Love never comes from anger, but anger can be an illusion created out of love.  I’m angry because I have love for those who are hurt, and channeling the anger only causes more hurt.  It is most helpful to focus as much of my energy as possible on loving those who are hurting and sending love to those experiencing the hatred.

I believe many of those who lash out with such negativity are more or less afraid for their own safety and do not know how to deal with that, so sending them love will help them more than my anger.

With all my love,


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  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    I know what you’re saying about people using the Bible as an excuse, 3bj. It may not have been written by dark energies, but I don’t believe the entire thing to be Divine either. History tells us how the Bible was written. There’s really not a whole lot of mystery there.

    Men wrote the Bible. Sure, some of it was probably Divinely inspired, but read about what really went down when they decided which writings to include and which ones not to. Who/what inspired that? Men were/are greedy. Kings wanted to instill fear in the people. There were definitely ulterior motives going on, as there still are today.

    The Bible can be a very good thing, just as religion can be. It really depends on who is holding the book in their hands and what that person or group stands for.

    Some say good and evil only exist within the hearts of human beings, and I can definitely see how that could be.

    ~ Sheri

  2. 3bj
    3bj says:

    Following Jomi’s thought trail, I have often wondered if the Bible and other Holy publications are not in fact the work of Lucifer, working as a trickster to fool everyone. These publications seem to cause people to use them as an excuse for their insanity.

  3. Joni
    Joni says:

    Religions give God human emotions and make it seem he’d just as soon smite you as look at you. He doesn’t have human emotions. Religion separates us from God and from our Selves. Religion is a tool to keep the population in fear and keep us under control. It is brilliant in a very negative way.


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