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Have you seen the toolbar at the bottom of my website?  I know it doesn’t show up on every browser, especially mobile devices, but there’s some really cool stuff on it, and you might really enjoy it.  If you look at the very bottom of this page, you should see a lilac colored toolbar.  (It actually shows up on every page of this site.)

There are some online games and features that allow you to easily share what you like with your friends as well as some other great features.  Let me point out a couple of things here …

The red letter “e” logo is an e-log (online notepad) where you can make notes.  I added this thinking it might be a useful tool in making notes for yourself about the free readings and angel messages. 

The blue arrow is a video representation of recent blog posts.  It’s sort-of designed like a news broadcast, and I thought it was kinda cool.  😉

The crown shows you the most popular pages at any given time.  This might be a good way to see what others find interesting, and you might find something new.

You’ll also find a reading coupon with our “Summer Share Offer”.

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There’s also a YouTube video tool that pulls videos from YouTube that relate to spiritual or angelic topics. 

I hope you like what you’ll find there.  We do change things from time to time as new things become available and others stop working, but sometimes that happens.  😉

Angel Blessings,


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