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Ask Sheri - Malevolent Shadow

Let go of whatever this person has told you and release it to the heavens. Use some some sage and learn a bit about positive affirmations. Using more positive energy in your life will create a magnet for more positive energy.
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Ask Sheri - Curse in my House?

"I am wondering with these pains that come sometimes in my chest and on my head and this ladie says that she feels a curse in my house.  I have used the cleansing I think maybe she has something in her that should be telling her to not come…

Ask Sheri - Sensitive with Headaches

Dear Rev. Sheri, I remember reading a while ago that you had suffered from migraine headaches, and I want to know what you did to get rid of them. My body has always been sensitive .
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Ask Sheri - Release the Cords that Hold You Back

On the road of life, you can never go back - only forward.