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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Beacons of Love

I love creating Beacons of Love and Hope. Actually, I truly mean this ... I paint my little stones with blessings and intentions for love and hope. One thing I had not expected about my art is that it wasn't just a healing experience; it was also a spiritual experience.
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A Prayer - Inspired by a Couple Who Lost Their Miracle

The poem was written for a couple I know, who just got to experience the most joyful event in their life only to hear some months later that that little miracle won't last.
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What does MI weather have in common with life itself?

Yesterday, as I was watching the snow fall, I couldn't help but ponder life.  How weird is that?  Snow in the middle of April?  It's not that unusual, really.  We get weird weather.  Last year, we went from winter right into 80 degree days…
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New Hope in Candy Land

I’ve shared this because I know so many of you are in the same boat, and I pray that you will hold onto your hope. If we can find hope in something simple as a game of Candy Land ...