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“Dear Rev. Sheri, I remember reading a while ago that you had suffered from migraine headaches, and I want to know what you did to get rid of them.  My body has always been sensitive .  I’m allergic to different soaps, lotions and laundry detergents.  I’m also affected by the energies of other people.  Recently, I’ve begun to get these terrible headaches.  I’m sensitive to light, sound and even touch.  I’ve had to call in to work, and my boss doesn’t understand, saying, ‘It’s just a headache!’  What can I do to get rid of these headaches???  Thanks for your help!  – Sandra”

Dear Sandra,

I’m sorry to hear you are suffering.  These headaches do in fact sound like migraines.  I wouldn’t wish them on anyone … well, except maybe for those people who say, “It’s just a headache.”  😉  … No, still not even then.

Migraine headaches can be one of the most painful and debilitating illnesses to suffer from, yet most people have no idea they are so much more than just a headache.  People will say things to me like, “Oh, I get headaches, too.”  You don’t have to be psychic to know they don’t really have your kind of headaches.  You can tell by the look on their faces.  Any person who’s known the true pain a migraine headache can bring cannot avoid showing that pain just by the memory of it.  No, if a person has never felt the pain of a migraine, they can’t possibly understand what you are going through.

There are many, many causes for migraine headaches and possibly hundreds of possible treatments.  Especially if these headaches are a recent occurrence, you should see your doctor right away.  Migraine headaches can be a symptom of a larger health concern.

With that said, sensitivity to your environment might just be what’s causing your headaches.  You already know you’re sensitive, so think about the things you are sensitive to.  Have you changed laundry detergents?  Could it be a food allergy?  I’m sure these are things you have thought of, but brainstorming ideas can help you see something you might have missed before.  Drink plenty of water.  Dehydration can be a trigger.  Sometimes caffeine can be a trigger, but sometimes caffeine can help alleviate the migraine.

The key with migraines is that every person is different.  What takes me down might not affect you at all, and vice versa.  It’s the same with treatments.  A treatment that works wonderfully for one person may not do anything for another.

I’ve been to doctors and specialists and tried many, many different medications that all worked for other people.  Some medications had no effect on me while others caused more pain and even hallucinations.  Medical science might have the cure for you, but keep in mind the treatments for migraine sufferers are a work in progress.  After too long of being treated like a lab rat, I gave up on doctors.  No doctor has been able to help me in the way I’ve helped myself, but I have not found a permanent cure.

I didn’t once suffer a while back with migraines; I still suffer.  They haven’t gone away; I’ve just learned how to deal with them the best I can.  I learned what triggers them, and I avoid those triggers as much as possible.  When I do get an attack, I am forced to deal with it.  Sometimes, I can feel it early enough and stop it with meditation, a hot shower or medication.  There are times, however, when nothing will stop the headache from coming and running it’s course.  Some women have triggers that cannot be avoided, like a monthly cycle.  They just happen.  With those headaches, you might be able to estimate when you will be sick and better prepare.

There is one possible trigger that you may not have considered, and I wonder if that’s maybe what has drawn you to me.  You have a strong intuitive side, and that may be playing a role in what’s going on with you physically.  Your energy is also unbalanced, which could be a cause or an effect of what’s going on.  Balancing your Chakras would be a good place to start.  There are many guided meditation cd’s out there, or you could use my free Chakra Healing with the Angels Meditation.   It’s short and was recorded some time ago, but it’s free and can help you get started.  I have a feeling you might also find learning about pulling cords helpful.  Here’s a post I wrote for another reader on releasing cords.

If you want to know what I did, what I do, to alleviate migraines, here you go …

First, I discovered my triggers …

1. Humidity (Summertime with no air conditioning is not good for me.)

2. Thick Air (Well, that’s what I call it anyway.  In winter, when you can’t open windows and all you have is your furnace circulating air, I have to get outside or open a door once in a while.  It’s cold, but I feel better.)

3. Hormone Levels (This one I can usually calculate. 😉 )

4. Sodium (Not enough salt in my diet can be a trigger.  Actually, I can sometimes see this one coming because I will crave Salt and Vinegar chips.  Yes, I’m aware some people will find that disgusting … My husband does.)

5. Dehydration (Especially in the summer.)

6. Energy Depletion (Not enough sleep or doing too many readings can trigger a migraine.)

7. Contaminated Energy (Sometimes reading for a person with many health problems or negative energy will be a trigger.  Any contaminant in my immediate environment (paint, something smelly) can be a trigger.)

8. Stress (Of course, an oldie but always around to cause trouble.)

I’m sure there are others I’m missing, but that should give you an idea of what to look for.  Now, you need ideas to help fight back.

Ways I avoid triggers and alleviate symptoms …

1. Obviously, I avoid all known triggers as much as possible.  (Like limiting time outside during the summer.)

2. I try to keep my diet balanced and drink plenty of water.

3. I limit the number and length of reading appointments I offer.

4. Regular Meditation and Yoga (I notice a big difference when I don’t keep my schedule.  While it’s easy to find reasons to have something else to do, I also know that could mean another broken promise to my son and more pain for me.  I would rather spend a half hour doing yoga than have to say, “I’m sorry, buddy.  We will have to go to the movies some other time.  I’m sick again.  You’ll have to play quietly in your room for tonight.”  After a while, those statements become just as heartbreaking as the pain.)

5. Keep a regular sleep and wake schedule. (Even if I didn’t sleep well the night before, I avoid sleeping in.  Sleeping in always throws off my schedule even more because I won’t be able to sleep at night.  If I can’t get my sleep schedule back to normal in a day or two, there are repercussions.  Especially after I’ve had an attack and feel like I’m behind on everything, it’s difficult to relax and sleep.  I will drink tea, take a warm bath in essential oils or sea salt or do a relaxation meditation to help me sleep.)

6. Ice/Heat treatments (Heat can work on muscle tension, but ice is better for headaches.  A hot shower or bath can help.)

7. Massage (Learn your pressure points.)

8. Amethyst (Can help with migraines and opens blocks in intuition, which can be a trigger.  Also helps insomnia.)

9. Sleep (When a migraine attack cannot be avoided, sometimes sleep is the only alternative.)

10. Most of all, you have to take time to deal with the migraine.  It won’t just go away. You can’t just keep working and hope for the best; that will always make it worse.  I even get what’s called the “migraine hangover”, which is exactly what it sounds like.  I have to be extra careful and have day after symptoms for one or two days after a migraine.

Migraine headaches can take over your life, if you let them.  Don’t let them!  Migraines are terrible, yes, but they can be dealt with.  Remember, when you do have an attack, the pain won’t last forever.  Sometimes knowing the pain will eventually end is the only thing that gets me through an episode.  Know your triggers, and know how to deal with them.  Then, just do the best you can.  Go to a doctor.  See if modern medicine can at least alleviate some of the symptoms or help you uncover your triggers.

I wish you the best of luck in finding what works for you.  Whatever you do, don’t give up and don’t allow migraine headaches to run your life.

Sending you prayers of healing and love,


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  1. Deana
    Deana says:

    I too suffer from debilitating migraines which my doc believes is caused from the meds I’m on to treat M.S. Once while laying in bed in agony I happened to reach for a crystal on my night stand. It was a double pyramid moss agate. I held it to my forehead and just moved it around at will. Amazingly it helped. It eleviated the pain. I’ve since bought other crystals which are said to help migraines… chevron, amethyst, amongst others but for whatever reason the double pyramid works best. I have a prescription med to treat the migraine and will take it when needed but if I can stop the migraine in it’s tracks without the scary med, I’d rather go that route.


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