Sabbatical Update

Yes, I’m still on sabbatical, but I thought I’d write an update on what’s going on thus far. The main reason I’ve had to take my break earlier than intended is because of my health. I am seeing a specialist for my headaches, but so far I feel like nothing more than a guinea pig. According to the specialist, I have two different types of migraines. The challenge is to pinpoint which is which and determine the cause(s) of each. The doc wanted me to have an MRI done, but my insurance will only cover about half of the cost. Needless to say, I’m not getting it done. My blood tests have caused some concern as well, but those concerns seem to be alleviating. The first round revealed high levels of something bad, then the retake blood tests said the levels were still high but decreasing. It’s a challenge for me not to be a little concerned because this particular high level item can be caused by several things – including cancer. However, if that’s the case, I’ve had it for a very long time. So, I don’t believe it’s cancer. It will be what it will be.

My biggest concern right now is how much worse the headaches have become. Since the summer humidity has kicked in, I don’t think there’s been a single day that I haven’t woken up with a headache. I can usually control the morning ones, though. A little water, a long shower and some deep breathing usually helps. It’s the ones that reappear later that get bad. My most recent medication attempt was the Imitrex injections. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to stab myself in the leg! 🙂 It didn’t really help, either. It just extended the length of the “not going drop me” part of the migraine. The full force of it still hit later. I’m embarrassed to say that the only way to relieve my headaches at this point is to drug myself with enough Benadryl to knock myself out, then the migraine just takes it’s course while I’m asleep. The next morning is a gamble. I might wake up fine. I might wake up exhausted. Or, I might wake up with what the professionals call the day after migraine “hangover”. So, as you can imagine, it’s difficult to schedule readings. Even if I schedule them, I might have to cancel or might not be at my best. Neither is fair to my clients.

I’ve had a few practitioners contact me about referring my clients to them. What I can say for right now is that I might be willing to do that, if I feel good about your ability. I do not feel good about referring anyone to someone I do not know. If you are interested in being a referral, please email me at sheri@angelmessenger.net with a sample reading. The reading can be about my health, my finances, family, etc. I’m also working on a special project, and would be very interested to know if someone has any “intel” on that. If you have an idea of what my project is, or at least what it involves, please be sure to include that in the email. My full name is Sheri Ann Kozdron (maiden name Roberts), DOB 11-3-77 @ 7:42am Howell, MI 48843.

For my clients, I wish so much that I were able to offer readings right now, but it’s just not feasible. I will keep you updated on any changes, though. Please be sure to check out the free e-books that I’ve recently added online. If you’ve called or sent me an email, I will get back with you as soon as I can. It’s just going to take longer than usual.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



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2 replies
  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Thank you for writing. Unfortunately, many people in the US are hurting financially and many do not have health insurance at all. It’s really very sad, like you said, considering what we pay in taxes. Our government is working on a national health care system, but I don’t know how soon that’s going to go through or become effective once it’s finally agreed upon. What is sort of frustrating is that, if I would have been referred to this specialist 6 months ago, the scan would have been covered 100%. However, as with most people in this country, our health insurance has dramatically changed over the past few months and covers not a whole lot of anything now.

    I’ve actually had a few good days over the last week, so I’m hanging in there. 🙂

    Love and Blessings to you,


  2. Ruthiep
    Ruthiep says:

    Hi Sheri,
    I really hope that you start to feel better soon. It would seem as if you have something quite serious going on if your headaches are this intense – you really do need that CAT scan.
    Here in the uk they are free on the NHS – sadly this is something that the USA does not provide – which I find really bizarre considring the amount of tax everyone pays. Can you get peple to do something for sponsorship?

    Best wishes and love.

    Ruth x


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