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I have not been able to solve the current issue with my ejunkie account, so I have cancelled and will be looking for a better option to offer downloadable goods.  I will be posting the simple pdf again for now.  I know it’s not as nice, but I’m working on it.  Thank you for your patience.  ;)  ~ Sheri

On this page, you will find eBooks that can be downloaded to your computer absolutely free of charge.  Though donations are not required, a donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.  Donations help us to offer more products and services, and we very much appreciate anything you can give.  Thank you – Enjoy!


Improve your self esteem in just one weekend!  Download the Self-Esteem eBook

The Body Detox Method
Learn how to safely and effectively remove harmful toxins from your body.  Download The Body Detox Method


The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga & Meditation
Learn a bit about yoga & meditation!   Download The Beginner’s Guide

Lucid Dreaming
Learn some methods for successful lucid dreaming.   Download Lucid Dreaming eBook


Eliminating Stress & Anxiety
Learn how to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life for good.  Download to Eliminate Stress


Unleash the Creative New You!
Research shows that every human being is capable of creative thought.  Unleash Your Creativity


All eBooks are in PDF format. You can download the reader for free by clicking on Adobe. These products are for information only. Please use only what is useful to you, and feel free to pass them on to friends and family. These items are free from Angel Messenger; it is not okay to sell these products.

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