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My Reading with Fawn

I had a mini reading with Fawn on Tuesday evening, and I would very much like to share my experience with all of you.  Personally, I have been interested in Shamanism for quite some time and have felt inexplicably drawn to the Earth and her energies.  Actually, I am overwhelmingly drawn to Sedona, AZ, and will likely find myself there as soon as I have the financial means to go.  If you are not already familiar with Sedona, it is a place of truly incredible beauty and a few of the Earth’s chakras.  It can be a place of spiritual awakening on many levels, and my spirit could certainly use a recharge.

My need to connect with this energy is what drew me to Fawn, and she is amazing.  My husband was one of the “test readers” who talked with Fawn during the interview process, and the things she told him about his business were extremely accurate and timely.  After my husband’s reading with Fawn, I knew she was right for my team and that I needed a reading with her myself. 

Being that I only booked a mini reading, there wasn’t much time, but Fawn was able to give me quite a bit of information in that time period.  She talked to me about two power animals that had come through.  One was fairly new – a beautiful female lioness, and the other was a dove.  The dove has likely been with me since I was a young child.  They’ve always been physically around me, it seems. 

When I was very young, my mother and I lived with my grandparents on their farm, and they had this old barn with what I believe are called pigeon roosts?  I’m not sure what they’re called, but it was a row of little bird houses along the top of the barn just below the roof line.  My grandparents would take me up into the second floor of the barn, and we could see little baby birds in the houses.  While pigeons did live there, we also had a number of doves which I was very drawn to and talked about all the time.  Once in a reading, I was told that the “symbol” of the white dove would be very important to me someday, but I’ve never found that symbol until now.  After the reading, I walked into my reading room and happened to glance over at my Archangel Michael figurine.  He holds a white dove on his outstretched hand!  (Ironically, the angel next to Michael holds a blue bird in her hand.  The blue bird is one of my son’s animal guides, and Roger saw the blue bird in my mini reading during my interview with him.)

As for the lioness, I’ve always loved cats of all kinds and have been absolutely fascinated with big cats.  I actually fed a baby tiger once!  The big cats are favorite exhibit at any zoo, although I always get a thought about breaking them out in my head … hmm, I wonder where that idea comes from.  😉  Anyway, I looked up what it means to have a lioness power animal, and she definitely fits me.  I won’t rewrite everything I read, but she is definitely someone I need right now.  As I read descriptions online, the obvious irony was palpable, and her presence was confirmation that I am on the right path.  Before, I felt guilty taking a step back from my work, but I physically felt so much better.  The presence of the lioness in my life is a symbol that my soul is rising to the surface, and I am listening to my own guidance. 

One very interesting thing Fawn saw in my reading was that my guides had put a temporary cap on my crown Chakra, which makes me wonder if this isn’t a big part of the reason I have not had any severe headaches this year.  (Knock on wood!)  My guides told Fawn that too much was coming into my crown, and I was taking in all the sadness from other people.  My angels sealed my crown for now because I had become too overwhelmed with the energy.  My whole self has simply become more sensitive than I ever was before.  Maybe it’s part of the transition that’s going on?  I’m not entirely sure.

Fawn said that she couldn’t remember ever seeing so many spirits, guides and light beings gather around one person like they do around me.  This made me feel so good and safe and protected to know they are physically there although I feel like I’ve checked out a bit.  Even though my crown is protected right now, Fawn saw that my third eye is wide open, which explains why my personal inner vision has been so right on lately.  Now is time for me, though.  I still have lots of other types of work to do, and I know my website visitors will enjoy the work I’m doing.  It just felt so reaffirming to connect in this healing place with those on the other side who love me without question. 

Thank you, Fawn, for your insight and energy.  For those reading this, if you were unsure of what a reading with Fawn might entail, I hope my experience will give you a better idea.  A reading with Fawn will not leave you disappointed.  Read more about Fawn here, or schedule your own reading with her.

Angel Blessings,


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