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Live Your Passion: 7 Sure-Fire Tips

Live Your Passion: 7 Sure-Fire Tips

There is a version of your life in which you are excited about each and every day. Your feet hit the floor in the morning and you are raring to go. Each and every moment of your day brings you new joy and excitement. This is what it means to live your passion.

1. When learning to live your passion, you start by being aware of what you already love in your current life. What brings you joy? What do you look forward to? What makes time fly? What can you not live without in your life? What would you like to have more of in your life? If you could only do one thing in your life, what would that one thing be? Maybe for you it’s fly fishing, or horseback riding? What about singing or making people laugh? What could you easily spend all day doing?

2. Then you build upon those things. How can you do more of what you love? What makes what you love to do enjoyable for you? Is it the thrill of the chase, the unexpected joys it brings you, or the serenity you feel? How can you amplify those feelings in your life. Are there other activities that bring forth that same type of passion?

3. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is OK to have more than one passion. More than likely there are many things that you would like to do in your life. You don’t have to focus on just one passion to the exclusion of all others. Cultivate a variety of passions. Do a little bit of everything that you love.

Find the commonalities and see how you can link your passions together. For example, let’s say that you are passionate about helping children and you love singing. There are many ways that you could bring those things together. Perhaps by recording a children’s album and filling it with songs that have meaning for you. Let your imagination run wild.

4. Trust that you can develop an income from living your passion. Your passions aren’t meant for weekends and spare moments. Your passions are meant to be the main stay of your life. You more than likely spend at least 40 hours each week on your career, and you’ll work for 40 years more or less. That is a gigantic portion of your life. Make it count by combining your career with your passion.

Maybe you think that you can’t get paid for your passion, or that you wouldn’t make enough to live on if you made a career out of your passion. Learn to change limiting beliefs like those. What ever it is that you are passionate about, there is a way to combine your passion and your career and still have more than enough money for your ideal lifestyle.

5. Know that when you live your passion, you help make the world a better place. This is becuase your energy affects those around you. When you live your passion, you become a genuinely happy person. When you’re happy you naturally lift the energy of others and they become happier. Even if all you do is give them a smile.

Furthermore, when you live your passion you inspire others to do the same. The people around you will see you living your passion each and every day. They will see the joy that living your passion brings to you and to others. They will begin to wonder how they can start living their passion as well. Imagine what a joyful place the world would be if each of us lived our passions everyday.

6. Let go of any thoughts that living your passion might have a negetive effect of on the world. Nothing gets taken away from any one else when you live your passion. The world is an abundant place and there is more than enough for everybody. Live your passion knowing that each and every person in the world has that same option if they choose to take it.

7. Finally, believe that it’s possible to live your passion. What would a perfect day of living your passion look like and feel like for you? Create this day in your mind and visualize it as often as you can. See that day becoming your reality. It is possible to live your passion, and it is possible for you. Start today by doing something that moves you in the direction of that perfect day. Go ahead, live your passion.

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