Healing Our Economy

This is also one of my favorite Louise Hay affirmations …

Out of this situation, only good will come!

Here’s another great article from Doreen with an important message I think we all need to read and remember …

On Giving, Receiving, and Healing the Economy

On a recent trip to a frost-bitten city, I saw four men on each corner of an intersection. They hunkered against the winter windstorm, while holding cardboard signs begging for money for food.

I thought of one of my favorite stories about author C.S. Lewis, who was a famous charitable giver. After C.S. gave money to a homeless man, someone asked the author if he was worried that the money was given to a huxter who was pretending to be homeless. C.S. replied, “At the end of my life, it won’t really matter to me that I gave money to someone who didn’t need it. But what will matter to me is whether I DID give money to someone who actually did need it.”

At the thought of this story, I smiled and handed the man closest to me some money, to which he gave me a return smile and a “God Bless You.” The good feelings I received right then were priceless.

It’s more important to give than ever right now! The economy appears to be stalled, because there’s a fear of the security in the future. Yet, by holding back on spending or giving, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy and a bottle-neck effect.

The economy is in our individual hands. You and I have the power to unblock the bottleneck with shows of confidence and courage, such as giving to those in need. If you know of someone in your community who’s lost a job, or a family with financial needs, rally around them and create a network of giving with your other neighbors. Simple acts of giving can save lives, families, and the economy right now.

Another form of giving is spending money at your local independent and Mom and Pop stores, who depend upon our individual purchases to maintain their expenses. Local community and neighborhood efforts are empowering, because they remind you that the economy isn’t in some outside entity’s control or power. YOU have the power yourself, right now!

Prophets have long taught about the importance of tithing and giving, as an ancient secret of attracting and manifestation. Whatever you need more of, give that same away: money, time, clothing, furniture, love, helpfulness . . . anything! It’s a demonstration of abundance to the universe, that always results in miraculous experiences of receiving in response to giving.

Of course we don’t give in order to receive. That’s called “outlining” which is handing the universe a script of how you want your prayers answered . . . a limiting and blocking behavior.

Instead, give with joy and courage, and without attachment to outcome. And know that you are already receiving in surprising, unexpected, and sometimes humorous ways.

Today, look for three or more ways to give. It can be anything: a smile, a hug, words of encouragement, a ride, a meal, or money. Feel the shift within yourself each time that you give. And trust that your needs are being taken care of automatically. Give with confidence. Give today.

To increase your secure feelings about money, try these methods:

1. Write your worries or concerns and put them in a special box (I call it a God Box) as a physical demonstration of “letting go and letting God” help you with the issues.

2. Write a letter to God, spelling out all of your feelings and what you need help with. Put this letter face-up on your altar or the location where you most-often pray. I’ve had miraculous results over the years with this method.

3. Write any fears on a piece of paper and then put that paper in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. When you “freeze the fears,” the problem is rapidly resolved.

4. Keep asking yourself: “What is the blessing within this situation?” There’s always a silver lining to every seeming problem.

5. Use my favorite Louise Hay affirmation: “Out of this situation, only good will come!” The more that you affirm this, the more peaceful you will feel. And a peaceful mind attracts and creates wonderful solutions.

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