Feeling Better & Losing Sanity

How can you feel better and lose your sanity at the same time?  Come stay with me for a few days!  My whole family has been sick with some kind of sinus infection thing.  I did get it, of course.  Mom’s take care of their sick families and always end up getting what everyone else had.  Usually, I end up sick at the same time and have to care for my little guy while I’m sick.  Then, I get sick worse than everyone else did.  Maybe that’s part of my empathic nature, though.  Take away everyone’s sickness and take it on yourself.  Yeah, that’s fun!  This time, though, I didn’t get so sick.  I didn’t get hit even close to as hard as my son or husband had it.  I was exhausted for a a few days and definitely had a sinus thing going on, but I loaded up on vitamins, too.  I was a smart psychic!  😉  So, I’m feeling better …

… But I might be losing my mind a bit, too.  Why?  Hold on, I can’t hear you.


Okay, that’s better.  The beeping stopped for a second.  I don’t know what it is about that beeping.  Why do construction vehicles have to make such a high pitched noise when they back up?  Like one of my Facebook friends said today, I would also like to have a chat with whomever thought up that idea.  Yes, I understand it’s for safety.  No one wants to be run over by one of those things, but I may in fact lose my mind with all this beeping.  The other noises … the digging, the jackhammering, the scraping of gravel on pavement, etc … it’s all okay, but that beeping is just sensory overload.

I’ve always had sensitive ears, though.  You know when you call someone like the telephone company and they have that soft piano music playing in the background?  The music is no doubt meant to calm customers who are calling about being overcharged or something, but I can’t take that noise.  I can’t stand piano music.  It could be Beethoven, Bach, the guy down the street.  It all sounds like nails on a chalk board to me.  It’s too high pitched.  Lower tones I can handle, but most piano music has too many high notes for my sensitive ears.  I may call the phone company in a good mood, but a half hour on hold listening to piano music has me ready to argue about the charges I do owe.  Acoustic guitar, though … now that’s music!  And drums … my ears love a good drum beat!  🙂

Okay, so tonight I’ll be doing the last of my pre-scheduled readings … scheduled before the construction announcement.  I’m glad they are all tonight, too.  Last night, the crew was working until almost 8pm, but it’s quiet now.  I have my first appointment at 8pm, then one at 9pm and the last at 10:30pm.

Tomorrow I plan to answer a question in my blog.  So, if you have one to ask, post it tonight.  I’ll be reading through the entries in the morning.  Oh, it’s 7:30!  Got to get meditating!  Have a good night everyone!

Wishing you all blessings and sanity,

Sheri  :)~

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