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I'm Stuck - How Can a Coach Support Me?

There is an incredibly unique thing that happens when working with a coach. It's called the "coaching space." The coaching space is created when two people join together for a common purpose. That common purpose happens to be you and finding the answers you need to live a fulfilled and thriving life. Have you ever heard the expression "...can't see the forest for the trees..."? When we are stuck, it's really a challenge to find a way out on our own.
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What Is Stopping Me From Love?

When I hear this question I know the person is coming from a belief system, thought pattern that has been programed into them. There is a block that makes them think that for some reason they are not capable of finding the kind of love they really deserve. That there is something wrong inside of them.
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The Goal of Life

The Goal of Life by Neil Millar //
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Life Lessons: Unconditional Acceptance

Life Lessons: Unconditional Acceptance by Pat Campbell A couple of years ago I met a dear old lady who I will call Annie (not her real name). She was 97 and very frail and unable to walk but with a mind as bright as a button. I only knew…