DeClutter Your Life

I loved this article!  I found it on Oprah's website.  I am always talking to clients about getting rid of clutter ... okay, please at least read the ground rules below.  If you like what you read, there's a link at the end to the rest of…

Worthless Religion

Worthless Religion by J. Kip Givens posted from the Magical Buffet I don’t have a lot of patience for religion or religious people! Frankly, religion makes me ill and religious people bring out the worst in me. Religion is filled…

New Moon Solar Eclipse

Friday, August 1st, there is a New Moon in Leo and a Solar Eclipse!  What does this mean?  Check out the info below ... From AstroWisdom: This year the New Moon in Leo falls on a total solar eclipse which is talking a decidedly northern…

Real Email Virus

This is a real email virus.  Please read ... FBI Warns of Storm Worm Virus Wednesday, July 30, 2008 2:18 PM By: Newsmax Staff Article Font Size The FBI and its partner, the Internet Crime…

Readings Discount

Next week, Wednesday and Thursday (July 30th & 31st), I have openings for half hour telephone sessions at a sale price of only $30.  That's $15 off the normal rate! Why the discount?  I had a party of readings scheduled for both days…

Desiring Peace

Man to God : "O Lord, I want peace". God to Man : "When you remove yourself of 'I' and the 'want' you will automatically have peace."

Second Opinion

This guy was climbing a tree when suddenly he slipped, then grabbed at a branch and was hanging there. After an hour or so had passed he felt himself getting exhausted and looked up to the heavens and cried out: "God, help me, please, help…

Lunch Joke

When two psychic friends met for lunch, one said: "You are fine. How am I ?"

Email Issues

Hello Everyone!  The offer I sent in my newsletter has my inbox going crazy.  There's a bigger response than I expected.  That's great; I'm glad to help.  But, you may have trouble emailing me.  If you get an error message saying your email…

Ordering Pizza

When the Yogi got the pizza, he gave the proprietor a $20 bill. The proprietor pocketed the bill. The Yogi said "Don't I get change?" The proprietor said, "Change must come from within."

Buddha Humor

Q: Why did it take the Buddha forever to vacuum his sofa? A: Because he didn't have any attachments.


Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. ~Albert Camus Happy Independence Day!