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Do the dead greet the dying?

I read a wonderful article today by David Kessler entitled "Do the dead greet the dying?" As someone who works with the dead myself, I have to agree with his conclusions.  In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that the dead do indeed greet…

Always the Strong One

You can't just give all the time. It's not healthy. You can lose all your steam and get burnt out. You can even become resentful of those you love most.

Christmas with Family

You don't want to reopen your own wounds, but I feel like you take a greater risk by not going. The best course of action would be to focus on the spirit of the season ... faith, joy and love.

Knowing When Death Will Come

It may be possible for death to be predestined, but what about free will? I can promise you that Heaven is very big on the whole idea of us making our own decisions. Life itself is a journey. Our path may or may not be predestined, but the choices we make are not.
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Appreciating Diversity During the Holidays

It used to be that being inclusive meant sending out PC "Happy Holidays" greeting cards and changing Christmas office parties to "Holiday parties." Today, it's about more than just changing labels and titles. It's about using a time to be with friends and family to build understanding and awareness about others.

Tips to Attract Abundance

Your question is the one that needs to be asked when it comes to the "Law of Attraction". We can find endless information on this topic from books and magazines to blogs and e-books, but they all say the same thing. "Think positive and everything will work out fine." I don't believe this, but maybe that's why my life isn't perfect? Na, I don't believe that either. ;)

Time to Move On?

Is this where I belong or do I need to move on with my life to find the man I am supposed to be with?

Arranged Marriage or Will I Choose?

I would like to know if you see me in a romantic relationship with a man in the near future?
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Relentless Financial Issues

My advice is to look for something that can generate some income while working on your Joy Journal for the next 30 days. You might be surprised what kinds of miracles - opportunities - can be manifested by joy. A positive thought or choice with the energy of joy behind it is so much more powerful than a thought or choice powered by desperation or fear.

Abandoned Attraction

You are meant to be a teacher to him in this life, but I don't feel it being anything more than that. In your past lifetime with him, it's very possible that not listening to you caused him some pain and regret, which you then took upon yourself. Don't repeat the past - don't own the feelings of what is going on here.


Many spirits that commit suicide are confused and afraid, especially at first. They may run from the light, even though that’s where they are meant to go. I do not believe in purgatory or a soul being punished by God/Spirit. However, I do believe that a soul can create their own punishment.
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Clear Your Clutter To Free Your Mind

The most powerful and effective change you could bring about in your life is to eradicate and get rid of all the clutter surrounding you. Most individuals have really no idea how much their clutter truly affects them. It’s only when you begin to clean it out of your system, you would then realize how much better you can feel.