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Healing After A Relationship Has Ended (& How to Move On)

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship is one of the hardest things in life. There’s almost no one in this world who hasn’t at some point encountered heartbreak.
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Meditate As You Read

Sometimes it is hard to take time out and sit down for a meditation session. We are either not in the right frame of mind for it or we are just not in the right place or time to practice meditation. The meditation here has been specifically designed for those times. All you have to do is go on reading this article but you must read every word with total mindfulness. As you read, allow yourself to feel and live through each word.
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Freedom Is {Contest- Win $100}

UPDATE: A WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN Thank you to all those who participated. Being a voice of freedom is part of what we do as light workers, and I'm so grateful to be in a position that can help inspire others to think about what Freedom truly means. There were so many amazing comments! It is my hope that you all will continue to be a voice for what is right and help to create a more enlightened, free world.
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Are You Living Your Life?

Are you living your life? Or is guilt, or maybe even another person, living it for you? Have you ever had so many responsibilities, other people depending on you, or even outside circumstances pressing down on you so hard that you feel like you just can't even breathe anymore? Have you ever been in so much emotional pain that it physically begins to take a toll on your body?
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This new extended description for the Nutrition card includes an excerpt from the guidebook for this deck as well as added information from Rev. Sheri about her own experiences and awakening to the truth about REAL NUTRITION. "When this card first began to come up for me, I was a bit confused ... However, this card held a far more important message that I was missing."
Empaths & HSP's, Which one are You?
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Empaths and HSPs, Which One Are You?

Have you always been able to sense other people’s emotions and intentions? Do large crowds and loud noises leave you feeling overwhelmed? Does it seem like you frequently need some alone time in order to recharge your batteries? If you answered yes, then chances are you an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). However, not all HSPs are empaths, but all empaths, by default, are HSPs.
Benefits of Adult Coloring
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The Transformative Power of Adult Coloring

Allow yourself to become enthralled by the magical world of coloring. Become like a child, unleash your creativity.
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Why Do Spiritual Teachers Stop Teaching?

Before anyone gets upset that I'm actually standing up for myself, let me give you a glimpse of what I'm seeing. Constructive cricism is one thing; that can be helpful. However, hate mail is unnecessary, and frankly it doesn't belong here.

We Are Under Construction!

We Are Under Construction! That's right! Our new website is finally on it's way! It has been a long process, but we're excited to bring our new design to light. So, over the next few days, you may notice that things on the site could look…
Increase Your Luck with Heaven's Help
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Increase Your Luck With Heaven’s Help

Turning into the luckiest person you know is really simpler than you’d imagine!
Angel Numbers and What They Mean for You
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Angel Numbers (And What They Mean For You)

If you have been constantly encountering a particular number sequence over and over again, chances are the angels are trying to tell you something.
Angel Healing for Love and Relationships
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Angel Healing for Love & Relationships

Angel healing for relationships is not only very real but also incredibly powerful. Here’s how you can ask the Angels for help when dealing with relationship problems ...