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Back in the Office … sort of


Okay, so I’m sort of back in the office now.  Last week was really crazy with being at the hospital every day and not knowing what to expect.  Being that I do what I do, hospitals are not very easy places for me to visit.  It was especially difficult to go into my mom-in-law’s room and see people and energies that I was not ready to see in there.  I knew they were there to give her strength, but they could have just as easily have been there to take her home.  They told me they would help her fight as long as she is willing – and as long as her body is able.

On Wednesday, we were basically told to expect the worst.  On Thursday, we went in to find that Mom was sort-of alert.  She asked me what was going on.  I tried to tell her what the doctors were hoping to do, but I wasn’t sure if she even understood who I was.  Then a priest came in, and, within about a half an hour later, Mom was alert and having some serious discussions with us and the doctors.  She hadn’t realized how serious her condition had become.  Knowing was unsettling to her, but she wanted to know all her options.  She told us that she wasn’t ready to leave and wanted to continue fighting.

I had been strong all week long … strong for my husband and strong for our 8 year old son.  But, when Mom took my hand and promised that she wasn’t going to die on my birthday, all my strength went out the window.  I burst into tears.  It was more than I could handle at that moment.  Going from such dire circumstances the day before to seeing her in right that moment was like seeing your loved one come back to life.  It’s difficult to explain.

Mom is being treated with an experimental drug that may or may not work, and we may not know if it’s going to work for several weeks – if her body can hold on that long (which we pray it does).  Though I will be working, it is possible my schedule will be disrupted, and sessions may have to be cancelled or rescheduled.  I don’t want to not offer services, so I am offering them with the understanding that appointments may have to be changed.

Just FYI, for those of you who are local to Williamston, Michigan, I am offering a meditation at my home office next Tuesday morning at 10am.  If you’re interested, there are a few spots left.  Just visit the scheduling page and click on workshops when the calendar comes up.

I hope to write more as the week goes on, but I’m just going with the flow as they say for now.

Peace and Blessings,



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