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Ask the Angels – Lost after Loss

“I am so depress and lonely after my husband died in accident. I want to communicate with him but I know it will not happen. Just want to know his message to me and our children. What will be our future?”  – Lost

Dear Lost,

First, let me say that it absolutely normal and understandable to feel lost after the death of someone close to you – especially a spouse.  This is someone you have leaned on for support; someone who is your partner in life – raising your children, doing the day to day together.  As soon as you wake up in the morning, you are immediately reminded that there is someone missing who should be lying next to you.  The loss of a spouse is one of the most difficult types of loss to come back from.  It’s especially difficult when you don’t really get time to say goodbye.

It’s so hard to find your balance, but it is possible. You need to know that you are not alone, and I strongly urge you to find a good source of support.  There are even online support groups for the loss of a partner.  However, if you can find an in-person group where you physically meet with other people, that would be best.

BethanyAlthough you do want to connect with your husband, that is very difficult to do with low levels of physical and spiritual energy.  It also takes time for our loved ones to be in a good place for them to be able to connect.  Even though they are in a much more enlightened space than we are, it is difficult for them to see us in so much pain.  The energy of grief has a very low vibration, and we need a higher vibration to connect with Heaven.

Please don’t say that it will not happen.  You will be able to connect with your husband eventually.  Even for us professionals, it is difficult after a personal loss.

My grandfather was like a father to me.  I had avoided him in his last few years because his illnesses didn’t make him very nice to be around.  So, when he died, I was lost and heartbroken.  I blamed myself for our wasted time apart, and I thought he was ignoring me from the other side because he was angry with me.

Well, the reason Grandpa was “ignoring” me was he couldn’t get past my own grief.  My depressed energy was keeping him at bay.  I didn’t realize this until Grandpa started speaking to my husband, and then one day I finally smelled Grandpa’s aftershave and knew he was with me.

I get the strong impression that your husband has tried to communicate with you through clairaudience – most likely music.  You could be listening to a song on the radio that has a message from him or overhear someone’s conversation where they might say his name or be talking about something that applies to you.  But, he is showing me that he experiences resistance in your energy.  It feels almost like static, like he’s trying to give a message that comes out muffled or difficult to hear.

The more you heal your own energy and raise your vibration, the better you will be able to connect with your husband, and this can take some time.  Don’t force yourself, and don’t try too hard.  Honor your feelings.  Give yourself time to grieve.

As far as a message from him and your future, I did a four card reading asking for a message from your husband.  These are the cards that came up …


AkashaThe message I hear is to remember that you are a teacher for those around you.  You are an example for your children.  There is also an element of passion with this card, and I hear your husband saying that you need to find a way to enjoy life again.  (Again, this takes time, but joy is a really powerful way to raise your vibration – especially laughter.)  I also see that you connect with Heaven in your dreams, but it’s possible you don’t remember when you awaken.  If you are not able to handle the dream in you conscious state, your brain will protect you by making your forget.  You can work on dream recall by keeping a dream journal.


WaitThis is the challenge. With this card, it feels like this is referring to all the decisions that need to be made after a loss, but remember you don’t have to make every decision all at once.  Take your time where you can.  There’s also an element of confused energy that may be a side effect from your grief.  It’s really difficult to make good choices when you can’t think clearly.  Going for a long walk might help you clear your mind a bit more.


BethanyThis is your Angel’s advice, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.  You are not taking care of your own needs as well as you need to be.  It’s not your fault; it’s just time to pay attention to yourself for a moment.  Do something that will help you to physically feel better.


RochelleThis is the outcome card and may have something to do with those decisions – especially if there are decisions related to your children.  The feeling that comes through here is that once you have healed your heart a little more, you will be better able to make the right choices.  These decisions will likely affect you financially.

Call upon Archangels Uriel, Gabrielle and Azrael to help you with this time.  Archangel Ariel is also coming through and wishes for you to call upon her with any financial concerns.

Peace & Blessings,


P.S. Clicking on the name of any of the cards listed will open them in a new window with more information.  For those reading this, challenge yourself …  Look at the cards and share any further messages you might see, feel, hear or know that might help Lost.  Send her and her family your love and prayers for peace and blessings.

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