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“Ask the Angels” – I’ve had a Vision of Myself …

“I have always had some type of communication with the spiritual side but only recently has it been “revved up”.  I’ve been having visions of the departed and believe I may have just met my spirit guide.  What has me baffled is this… The other night I had a vision of MYSELF…pretty confusing and creepy. This other me was at a distance wearing a long flowing gown looking straight at me and into my eyes. Then I saw wings come from behind her (my) back, out to the sides, they were golden and very large. As I stared she (I) began to rise slowly as a huge ray of warm light yellow light showered over her entire body. Afterwards I wasn’t scared at all but instead I was in awe. It was so beautiful, I felt honored to have seen it. However I am at a loss to what this vision was. Was it really me? Is it a message? Does it have anything to do with being a Lightworker, or other job? ANY help, suggestions or comments would mean so much to me. THANK YOU”  ~ Victoria

Hi Victoria,

I am happy to offer assistance and help answer your question.  The experience you wrote about is incredible and you received a beautiful message indeed!  When you shared that recently you felt your spiritual gifts were more ‘revved up’, I instantly heard the words, “she is ready to accept her gifts completely”.  As I’m tuning in to your energy, it feels as though you were always open to Divine guidance through-out your life, but you reached an even higher level of vibration through recent experiences.  The more open we are to allow our angels and Divine guides to help us, the more open our inner channels are to receive their messages.  Having the experiences of connecting to your spirit guides and visions of departed loved ones definitely validates that you are very open to your angels, and they want you to embrace your spiritual gifts.  The images you had of yourself with wings and the beautiful light washing over you was indeed you!!  Your angels are wanting to express how beautiful your light is, and the wings are validation that you are a Lightworker. 

ASk the Angels - Earth AngelFor those of you reading and are unsure what a Lightworker is, I would like to first explain more on this: Everyone is made in the image and likeness of our Creator.  We all have life experiences and lessons to learn during our time here on earth.  Some have chosen to be a Lightworker during their time on earth- having Divine assignments, using their spiritual gifts to help uplift the planet.  In my private Reiki practice, when I’m working on an individual for Reiki, my angels let me know when a Lightworker is present; the first thing that usually happens is that my hands instantly heat up the minute a Lightworker walks into my office.  Next, during their Reiki session, I will sometimes see an image of wings on that individual.  And often following the image of wings comes an intense feeling of love- so intense, that it brings tears to my eyes.  The powerful energy of love is present and it is felt on every level. 

Through-out my spiritual training, several different teachers have repeatedly explained that there is a great need for Lightworkers to help uplift our planet and use our God-given natural gifts to be of service.   A Lightworker doesn’t necessarily have to be a healer, minister, or spiritual figure.  A Lightworker can be a mom or dad, teacher, grocery store clerk, lawyer, doctor….basically any profession, bringing their light and helping uplift the energy around them.   Once we are ready to accept our spiritual gifts, it allows us to use them in ways that make our heart sing with joy.  For example; if you have a passion for teaching, writing, or healing, your angels are going to give you Divine assignments to use your spiritual gifts.  You may feel guided to write an article on something that is close to your heart, or you may come across an opportunity to talk to someone who really needed to hear an uplifting message.  Your light is shining bright and you can use it in any way of service that brings you great joy. 

I am also guided to share an exercise you can use immediately to heighten your communication channels with your angels:  You will need a notebook, pen and a quiet space in your home.  Turn down the lighting, turn off any noise, phones, etc. and find a comfortable place to sit.  Write down a question or several questions that you want more guidance on- leaving a large space between each question.  When you finished writing, place your notebook and pen next to you, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Call on your angels, spirit guides, Archangels, and any other Divine beings of love and light to be with you.  Take a moment to feel their energy; you may feel warmth, love, and even tears in your eyes.  Allow their energy to be present with you.  Even if you don’t feel their energy, trust that they are there, wanting only the highest best for you.  When you feel ready, place your notebook on your lap, pen in hand, and slowly read your first question to your angels.  Start writing at the very first thing you heard, saw, felt, etc.  Don’t second-guess anything, just continue to write until you feel you received the information.  Once you feel the connection or the information is starting to fade, slowly come back into awareness of your space and take a few deep breaths and thank your angels and guides for assisting you.  Now is the time to read the information you wrote.  It may make sense to you, or it may not.  There is always a loving message that the angels want to share, and our job is to be open to it.  If you have a difficult time interpreting their message, continue asking the angels for signs until you understand what their message is.  I guarantee your angels are communicating with you. 

There is a personal message that the angels have for you Victoria; they are saying fresh organic fruits and vegetables help to elevate your spiritual vibration.  They are saying you will gain even greater clarity and increase your sensitivity to hear the angels communication by consuming organic veggies and fruits.  The angels are also saying your vibration is heightened, which may bring about some changes; as you are becoming more sensitive to energy, you may notice you can no longer tolerate certain foods, noisy places, etc.  Embrace this magical time in your life and honor the beautiful soul you are!! 

Angel Blessings,


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Heidi is a published author and wonderful Angel card reader who has trained with numerous spiritual teachers from all over the world - including Doreen Virtue and the Boulder Psychic Institute. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

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  1. monica
    monica says:

    Needing to know if my husband and I are going to be ok financially and health wise. Things seem to be going south in both areas, so it would be nice to know if its gonna get better or if we’re headed for a long hard stressful road. should we brace ourselves or can we relax?

    • Heidi M
      Heidi M says:

      Hi Monica, thanks for commenting. Angel Messenger is taking questions on the form “Ask an Angel” and if your question gets submitted, you will receive a more detailed response. The guidance I’m hearing for you right now is to really care for and nurture yourself- and not put too much emphasis on worried thoughts. I’m also being guided to suggest having a gratitude journal; each day write what you are grateful for. Gratitude shifts energy like a switch. Angel Blessings! ~Heidi M.


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