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Ask the Angels – Concerned in England

“I had been in an abusive marriage for 18 years which I escaped 2 years ago, I have met a new man now who seems lovely but my insecurities are taking over and I wondered if he is genuine and whether I can relax. Thank you.”  – Concerned in England

Ask the Angels - Owl TotemWhen I spiritually tuned in to your question I was shown you are safe. You have developed a keen ability to see beyond the illusion of a person, and know the genuine truth about a situation. Owl presents herself as a power animal (totem) for you at this time; offering medicine of an ability to “see in the dark”- through to a person’s true intentions; and to gracefully navigate through your own life changes. 

Your intuition is powerful and on target right now, so when you feel anxiety about the unknown – ‘ground yourself’ through prayer -and look deeper into what your heart/intuition is saying to you. You are fragile and emotionally/spiritually healing, it is still easy to spiral into a familiar pattern of giving “power”/ control away unintentionally to a new love. It’s important to stay awake and aware of what you are allowing into your life and space, and who you are allowing in – so acknowledge your courage and wisdom – as you have loads of it; and trust your gut instincts.

I don’t receive any “red flags” about this new man. He presents spiritually as warm with protective and good intentions. He is able to give love. Even with such wonderful qualities, you are still advised to maintain “personal power’ within all new relationships; because until you are fully healed, you have a tendency to hand your reigns of personal power to someone new- even a very well intentioned someone new.

You are most fulfilled when you maintain healthy boundaries, which is something you already know. You will find yourself challenged at times, to keep your boundaries. This isn’t a reflection of your new love, this is a personal soul lesson you are learning. So when you feel uncomfortable, search within to find where you are allowing the loss of personal power and reset your boundaries again. You will learn to discern where the source of your anxiety by regular soul searching/meditations when you feel imbalanced. Place a photo or representation of Owl in your environment, and thank her for ongoing encouragement and strength during this new phase of your life. xo

(¯` ´¯). *
`*.¸.* ´* peace * ´¯`•.¸¸. Love

                          ~  Fawn

About Fawn

Fawn is an amazingly accurate Psychic and Shamanic Practitioner. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

Shamanic readings are unique in that they focus on spiritual healing and resolution. Often physical symptoms accompany a need for spiritual healing, because everything is connected. Fawn will journey by drum prior to your connection by Skype, phone and/or email and ask a question you send to her in advance. She will usually connect up with your power animal right away, and then bring back for you any message that spirit gives her for you to hear. Often she will receive a time frame but sometimes not. The information comes in on a 'need to know" basis.

"I can't say enough about Fawn. After over a year of speaking with her, she is truly gifted. I admire the way she guides me; telling me about my path and the road "blocks", always keeping the conversation positive. I don't feel alarmed or worried after our time together. I'm eager for what's to come and aware of what is surrounding me. Thank you!"
~ Angel Messenger Client

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