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Ask the Angels – Am I Moving?

“Am I moving?”  ~ Emma

Rev. Sheri responds to a question from Emma for the “Ask the Angels” Blog Column ….


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3 replies
  1. Reene
    Reene says:


    I noticed that thos free online cards is not cery accurate, because too many times I have got in one reading two cards that are the same. If you would do reading using card deck, you couldnt pull out the same card twice

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      You’re right, Reene, you can’t pull out two of the same cards in a card deck. When that has happened for me, I have always found that card to have special meaning or possibly a message that my Angels and guides are trying extra hard to get through to me. That’s one thing that many people do like about the free readings because it gives the Heavenly energies who are trying to speak to us the option of giving us the same message for different parts of the reading.

      For example, the first card could be about Divine Timing (topic of the reading) and the third card (challenge) could also be Divine Timing. This would give much more emphasis on the message given … maybe the timing just isn’t right. 😉

      If the same card comes up twice in a reading, consider if this card may be really important. However, if you do two different readings in a row and get the same exact layout, then you are possibly refreshing the page too quickly. Because we have such high amounts of traffic, we have to limit how quickly the pages can be refreshed.

      Angel Blessings,



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