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Ask Sheri – Why isn’t there a warning about this card?

“I came here for positive experience & getting an Angel Card that’s stating your at the end of your life isn’t positive. Why isn’t there a warning about this card? No human being can determine that nor an online card reading. This was an AWFUL experience.” – Meg

Dear Meg,

This is one of those times when your experience is what you make of it.  There are no cards, readings or otherwise offered on this site that will tell a person their life is at an end. This website and the services offered here are intended to help people, and telling someone when they are going to die is not helpful.  Even if this is something that could be revealed in a reading, which is something we do not support here, that kind of information can have only negative effects on a person.  It is contrary to everything we stand for.

The only card I can imagine you would be referring to is “Caressa”.  If you read the description, it says, “You are at the end of a cycle in your life”.  A cycle is a period of time.  This card does not imply that your life itself is ending but that you are about to experience a change in your life.

According to Numerology, a person enters a new life cycle every 9 years.  When you are at the end of one life cycle, you are also about to enter into a new life cycle.  Things in your life that no longer serve your highest good begin to fall away.  This can be relationships, a job, thought patterns, etc.  You may also find yourself to be a bit moody or depressed during this time.

If you allow your viewpoint to be negative about the changes ahead, you will see much more negativity and thus create negative experiences where there could be an amazing, beautiful transformation into your next step.  The end of one phase of life simply means you are ready to grow and become something better, if you allow yourself to do so.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find that you’ve fallen into negativity, however.  These changes can be difficult.  Allow yourself time to adjust, and cry if you need to.  As the description in the booklet that accompanies this deck says, “…the sadness that you feel may reveal new insights to you.”  Be respectful of yourself and your feelings during this time.  Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, dreams and intuition.

I sincerely apologize for the confusion about this card.  However, experiencing bouts of confusion is also common for someone going through a life cycle change.  Let things fall away that no longer benefit your highest good, and be open to receiving loving insights from your spirit guides and guardian angels.  They are here to help you during this time, to give you comfort and guidance.  Maybe think about what life lessons you have learned over the past few years and envision yourself moving on to a better part of your journey.  May the next part of your path be filled with love, light, happiness and harmony.

Angel Blessings,


This card is from the “Messages from Your Angels” Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

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6 replies
  1. Jess
    Jess says:

    I have went through sooooo much in the past month, I have found out I am a incarnated angel amongst being an empath, past two weeks been fighting to keep my joy but feel attacks and needed confirmation on my ways and how my physical self is ruining my spiritual being, I needed some kind of confirmation on major life changes and received this card. I hope it is part of my awakening and I just hope to be more and let this old part of letting my body just waste away.

  2. Ayo
    Ayo says:

    I just got this card and it is right on the money for me. I know that I’m going through some changes, I feel it at the core of my being and I know its for the best.

    I asked, should I try to keep my condo or should I let it go. It doesn’t get any clearer than this. I’ve gone back and forth with wanting to keep it but its pride and nothing more. It will be an attachment and I have a feeling I’ll be moving out of state soon.

  3. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Diane, that is exactly what this card means, and how wonderful for you! 🙂 Change can be a wonderful thing, though sometimes it might cause a bit of stress. When I moved two years ago, there were a lot of wonderful changes going on for my family, but it was stressful. Even wonderful changes might cause some upheaval, but that’s why we have our Heavenly helpers to help and guide us through those changes.

  4. Diane
    Diane says:

    This card came up for me very recently and I was delighted to see it! To me it told me that the current part of my life which has been full of struggles for a long time now was, at last, coming to a close. As I sat there looking at the card I did indeed ask the angels to comfort and guide me on my next step. I smiled and felt so relieved when it said “happiness awaits you now”. It has been a long time coming and I saw this card as being very positive.

    I got such a good feeling from it!

  5. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Hi Cameron! It’s good to hear from you!!! 🙂 Thanks for your support – I certainly would not ever tell someone they are going to die. It concerned me that Meg had thought this from the free online angel card readings because one person thinking something like that could mean others out there have read it that way, too. I thought it was important to address that none of the cards should be taken in a negative way. That’s certainly not the intended message. 😉

  6. Cam
    Cam says:

    Rev. Sheri, I think you’re right this has to be the card Meg was talking about because I can’t think of what other card it would be, but I can’t see how she thought that about this card. Maybe it’s what you say about an experience being what you make of it. If you are expecting something negative, you’ll read it in a negative way. I bet you nailed it right on with what she’s going through.

    Meg, you should know that as a long time visitor of this site, I’ve never once seen Rev. Sheri tell someone they are going to die. That’s simply not the kind of site this is. If you came here for something positive, you did find it but you just maybe didn’t allow it to be positive for you. Maybe your next visit will be better. 🙂

    – Cameron


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