Ask Sheri – Why Don’t I Ever Win?

“I’ve been putting the lottery on and I never seem to win anything at all not even a 10 pound note. I feel really bad luck around me could you get rid of this for me so I can give my little girl a better life to live?


Dear Friend,

I think one of the first truly spiritual viewpoints I heard regarding the lottery came from the author Louise Hay. Looking to the lottery to solve financial challenges couldn’t be more counterproductive. You’re putting energy into the belief that the only way you can make positive financial changes happen is through chance. And, honestly, you and your little girl deserve more than that.

Is it okay to play the lottery now and then just for fun?  Sure, I guess.  My husband buys a ticket every couple of months or so, but we see it for what it is – chance.  It’s just for fun.  Don’t give your last dollar.  Maybe even that spare dollar could be better used elsewhere.

Do you know that you have a greater chance of being hit by lightening than you do winning the lottery? Do you also know that most lottery winners wind up in worse situations after winning and losing all their money? No, the lottery isn’t the answer.

Changing your conscious attitude is the answer. Think about how you view life. Think about how you can change your thoughts and words to be more positive and thus invite more positive energy into your life.

There’s one thing about your question that has me even more concerned than the lottery, however.  “I feel really bad luck around me could you get rid of this for me …”  I am concerned because I wonder who you’ve been talking to.  There are people out there who are experts at convincing people they have negative energy around them which can only be removed by them for some high price.  If that is what has happened here, it might be worth considering the source … and running the other way.

The only “negative” energy I feel around you is your own emotions … feelings of lack and inadequacy.  Only you have the power to heal these energies.  I will gladly send you love and healing energy to help you on your way, but this energy is simply giving you an opportunity for spiritual growth.  Seize the opportunity, my friend.  It’s important that you work on positive thoughts, viewpoints and actions.  Learn about positive affirmations, and don’t doubt their power.

Here’s a site for free daily affirmations by Louise Hay … http://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/.

Ah, and here’s an article Louise Hay wrote about winning the lottery … http://www.healyourlife.com/author-louise-l-hay/2009/12/lifeshelp/success-and-abundance/waiting-to-win-the-lottery.

Back in high school, before I’d even heard of affirmations, I wrote out all these positive thoughts on colored paper and cut them out in little cloud shapes.  My bedroom was a rainbow of clouds with wonderful messages.  Now, I don’t always have time to be so creative, but sticky notes work just as well.  You might be surprised what a difference one little yellow note stuck to your bathroom mirror can make.

There’s a related topic I’d like to discuss here as well.  No “psychic” should ever give you lottery advice.  There are people out there that say they’re experts in helping you win the lottery, but I have never encountered someone truly able to do that.  It’s always a scam.

Numerology can give you lucky numbers, but even at that, I don’t ever use that information as something to live by.  Spiritual gifts are not meant to help people win the lottery.  There’s so much wrong with that idea that I could go on ranting for days.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Money doesn’t solve the lifelong search for love and happiness.  It can make life easier – sometimes, but it’s never the answer for true joy and spiritual fulfillment.

I hope this response helps you find the right direction.

Wishing you positive energy and abundance in all things,


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