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Ask Sheri – Why Am I Drawn To This Place?

“I have been searching all my life for something, just not sure what that something is. Within the last couple of years after visiting my hubby’s “home”, I have been deeply thinking about moving there. He would really like to move back, but, finances is just one of the reasons that keeps us where we are currently.  The biggest reason why I have such a hard time making up my mind is because it would mean moving a far distance away from my family.  It isn’t like we would be moving to have better employment opportunities or anything like that. In fact, it would be a risk as this province in particular sees many of it’s own people move to where we are at! I just feel that moving there may be what I have been searching for for a long time! I know my parents would be absolutely devastated as we would be taking their Grandchildren “away” from them. How can one make the huge decision to move so far away from family and have a good explanation for it?! What would you suggest in a situation like this?”  ~ Marlee

Dear Marlee,

This is a great question and one I believe will apply to many people.  It’s great that you’ve connected that thing you’ve been searching for all your life with this feeling of belonging in this different place.  Especially as more and more people ascend to higher levels of existence within themselves, they will have this desire to grab hold of something they can’t quite define.

You are looking for that connection to your soul.  You are drawn to everything about your husband’s “home”, including your husband, because it all feels like home to you too.  Maybe you don’t consciously understand why that is, but you get a feeling of going home with you are there, like this is where you are meant to be.  That’s because you’ve been there before, lived another lifetime in this place and with this man.  You have connected to that part of yourself that remembers.  To have such a longing to be there, it must have been a good life.  😉

Hopefully with understanding a bit of why these feelings are so intense, the desire to drop everything and move will be lessened … because it’s not the best idea.  Looking ahead, taking this path would not lead to happiness right now.  Things would need to change.  I don’t know how old your children currently are, but I don’t see a move happening before they graduate from high school.  I do see travel to this place, and you may move their eventually, but it does not happen for some time yet.

As you said, moving there is a risk financially speaking.  If you were to decide to go anyway, that is up to you.  However, you will need to be aware of the financial climate in that area – in particular the experiences of those you are talking about who have moved to your current location.  This would be a very difficult move for your family.  Dubbing it a favorite vacation spot might be a better plan.

There will be new opportunities for development within this area in the next two years, however.  I feel a new company or something else coming to the area to provide jobs.  It may not be in this exact town, but it would be near, so don’t lose hope of moving there.  It would just work a bit better later than now.

I do understand exactly how you feel.  My husband and I both have a connection to Italy that we can’t shake.  And for myself, I am so connected to a certain location in Arizona I travel there in my dreams!

Maybe consider doing a past life regression to help you remember the past life you shared in this place.  I hope this helps!  🙂

Angel Blessings,


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