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Ask Sheri – Utterly Unhappy

“Hi Rev. Sheri, I am utterly unhappy in my job and while several psychics have told me that I should be in a new job in April, I’m curious as to where this new job will be.  Where do the angels say I will be working next and what do I need to do to get to this new career?  Thank you, Lisa”

Dear Lisa,

Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards is a wonderful set of cards to consult when asking about a new job, and so I’ve pulled a few cards for you.  I was really getting the feeling that your angels are trying very hard to give you guidance but that you’re not hearing it, and the cards I’ve drawn seem to confirm those feelings.  The first card I see is “Protected”.  The picture is of an angel with green wings, and my first thought is of Archangel Raphael.  The message reads, “You are safe and supported while you change your career.”  I would say that’s a pretty obvious sign you are in fact meant to change careers.  Be aware, however, that the angels never make decisions for us.  If you want this to happen, you need to speak up and ask the angels to help you make it happen.  Although, now I hear that you have been doing that, so I guess you’re good to go on that front.  😉

Although my intuition for others has been a bit clouded due to my own lack of energy lately, I can’t help but feel a strong connection to Archangel Raphael with this card.  I’m not sure if you actually work in the healing industry in some way or if this career change is simply a healing thing for you.  Maybe it’s a bit of both because I certainly feel like you are being urged to become more in line with your Divine purpose, which could very well have some kind of healing energy to it.  Healers can take on many forms, remember.  Leaders heal.  Teachers heal.  Those who set examples for others heal.   

The other three cards I’ve pulled are “Flowers”, “Animals” and “Music”, and I can’t help but notice these are all three things that help us connect with the higher realms.  This is a clear sign that your angels wish to have a stronger connection with you.  Bringing real flowers and music into your environment will help to increase your personal vibration.  I also wonder if maybe animals may have something to do with your work, or it could simply be that they are a good way for you to reach that meditative place inside yourself where you can listen.  I read an article somewhere recently that talked about how petting a dog can lower blood pressure.  I think that’s what it was, anyway.  I’m not quite sure.  However, what I do know is that petting an animal puts me into a meditative state on occasion.  I meditate with my cats, and their purr is almost like a drum beat within my soul.  It calms me and helps me focus within.  Maybe this will work for you.

What is obvious to me is that whatever job you have right now is not in alignment with your soul, and that’s why you wish to leave so badly.  In looking at the energy of your date of birth, I am astonished to find that your birthday energy is the same as mine … 11 life path with a 3 day, and I have to wonder if my words to you are just as much a message to me.  It’s funny how the angels work sometimes, sneaking in help and guidance where they can.

You are a lightworker meant to shed your light on our world in some way, and you have the gift of creativity and communication.  (This is what I mean by your energy being the same as mine; this is exactly like me.)  Hiding in some job that dims your light is not helpful to anyone.  The job you should look for is one that you will enjoy.  Joy will brighten your light, and that will be more in line with your purpose.  While I cannot tell you, “You will find a job at ‘Company A’, and you will find it in ‘Newspaper B'”, I can tell you that something does appear to be coming your way, and the best way to find it is to simply be open to possibilities.  You can’t just sit at home waiting for life to happen, though.  You will need to actively be looking, but don’t look so hard in one place that you get tunnel vision and ignore other options.  Be open to all options – all possibilities.  Ask your angels for signs, and pay attention to your dreams and “random” thoughts – even if they seem to make no sense. 

Energetically, you are in a 9 year which means that you will shed whatever is not working for you this year.  This is a year of completion and endings.  I agree with the other psychics who told you that you’ll change jobs this year, but being in this energy doesn’t automatically make something happen.  You have to work with the energy, doing your part to make it useful.

I will disagree slightly about the month of your job change; however, please also understand that energy is simply energy.  What I see is when something is most likely to happen, and that energy can overlap a bit. 
Right now, your creativity is heightened, so this is a great time to be paying attention to those dreams and brainstorming ideas.  April is a month where you may have to work a little bit harder to make things happen, but this could be a time of interviews and working on finding a job.  That’s a lot of work.  May is a month of change.  It is a 5 month in a 9 year, which means it brings an energy of change to a time of endings and completion.  To me, that’s an energy more likely to create a job change, though that doesn’t mean you wait until May to do something about it.  The time for work is very much right now. 

Thank you for writing in, Lisa.  I hope you find this information useful and reassuring.  Remember, though, now is the time to be creative and use your intuition and that wonderful brain of yours to come up with some ideas.  Think outside the box a bit. 

Angel Blessings,


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