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Ask Sheri – Trying to Understand

“I had a major life jolt that put me on my spiritual path. I needed to get closer to God in order to heal from my trauma. Although, I always believed in God, but I grew stronger in God because of my difficult experience. I was wondering about atheists. I met a lady that is older to me who told me she does not believe in God. She said when people get a good feeling from a God’s picture, it is because they were programmed to feel that way about the picture. She said there is a scientific explanation to everything. She does not believe in past or future lives. I was wondering about such people. I know God does not force or take away free will, but at some point, will these people find God even if it is another life?”

That is a really good question, and the answer is just as debatable.  I believe everyone believes what they need to believe at any particular time for whatever reason.  You have a more enlightened viewpoint for sure.  However, the woman in question is where she needs to be right now.  Maybe it’s because of something that happened to her in a past life that she needs to understand what it means to live without faith.  Her mind needs to believe in a more scientific explanation.  Though, she does have a bit of a point.  We are programmed to feel things about our experiences.  Like with spiritual pictures, our experiences (our program) make us feel a certain way.  You feel a certain way because of your experiences, as does your friend.

Sometimes, like with yourself, people encounter experiences that make them question what they believe.  The effects can be far reaching and can even cause a complete paradigm shift for that person.  I’m sure you’ve heard stories of miracles happening that change someone’s life.

Will she go to hell because she doesn’t believe in God?  No, I can’t bring myself to believe that.  Based on my experiences, that is just not the case, though I know many religions would argue otherwise.  Would an earthly father cast his child away for not believing in him?  Some might, but we usually don’t think very highly of those types of fathers.  Why would be expect any less from God?

Our journeys through life are meant to provide opportunities for growth.  It’s okay not to believe in a spiritual power.  It’s hard to live that way in my opinion, but it is okay.  Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend why people do the things they do or believe the way they do, but we have to understand that everyone is at a different place.  We are all learning different lessons.  It is very possible that someone who is an atheist in one life could be a spiritual leader in another.

I hope this answers your question.  I know these things can be a bit confusing at times.  🙂

Sending Love and Blessings,


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