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Ask Sheri – Soul Level Forgiveness

“How do I ask for forgiveness to the person I have hurt, if the person does not want nothing to do with me?” ~ Charity

Dear Charity,

Asking forgiveness of someone who won’t even talk to you is difficult for sure, though not impossible.  You need to know about forgiveness on a soul level.  You can have a chat with the guardian angel of the person in question.  Pray, or use meditation, to connect with that person’s angels, guides or even their own soul.

The key to connecting with another soul is that you have to be sincere.  Your apology and need to connect with them must be heartfelt and true.  When you are in that heartfelt place of love and mutual respect, you can talk to your loved one either directly or through their angels and guides.  Ask for forgiveness, explain what happened, whatever you need to do.  Ask your guides and angels to help you.  Archangel Gabrielle is wonderful for helping with this kind of thing.

This method is actually something I’ve been teaching to parents for years on how to connect with their children when the child doesn’t want to listen.  It works great with young children who are grieving, teenagers who may be closed off to anything their parents have to say, angry spouses, etcetera, etcetera.

Understand that, just because you apologize, it does not necessarily mean the person will forgive you or that the person/relationship will go back to normal.  Just like a normal apology, they may understand your actions or even forgive, but they may still choose to avoid putting themselves back into a similar situation.  A soul level apology or connection, which can be done along side a normal every day human apology, will help that person to forgive you.

If you’ve ever done a cord cutting or cord releasing exercise, this works similar.  In cord releasing, sometimes the person you are disconnecting with can feel that disconnect, and they may try to reach out to you over the phone, email, whatever.  When you connect with a person in the way I’m describing, sometimes they physical feel it the same was as with cord releasing.  But, instead of feeling a disconnect, they feel a connection.  They might start thinking of you or even missing you, though they’ll not know why the sudden thoughts are occurring.

It’s the same kind of thing when a recently deceased loved one visits someone they’ve left behind.  The loved one may suddenly think of the person they lost because they are unknowingly feeling the energetic presence of the one they lost.  The two are connecting on a soul level.

When you are truly regretful, but the person you wish to connect with refuses to listen for whatever reason, working with their guides, angels, and even connecting with that person on a soul level can make quite a difference – or at least help to break up the icy brick wall between you.

I hope this answers your question, Charity.  I’m sure the idea of speaking to another on a soul level is something others can benefit from as well, so thank you very much for writing in.

Peace and Blessings,


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  1. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    This was very helpful, although I am dealing with someone who is so stubborn and fixed in their own narcissism that I have to apologise, even though it is more often than not my fault at all. Sadly, the person I need to make contact with is my mother and she is dying of bladder and lung cancer. Despite my perfectly decent and – under the circumstances – compassionate communication, I am being blanked. All I can do is hope for the best and that our angels will connect us before it is too late.


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