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Ask Sheri – Should I pay this psychic network more money?

“Rev. Sheri, I keep getting emails from the SpiritNow Network from different people. They seem to say the same thing. If I call they can tell when I’ll receive lottery winnings and a better love life.  I called and didn’t quite get the answers they stated they had for me.  It was my first time ever to actually call. So now I’m not really feeling them, and I’m afraid to spend another dollar. … So I have 10 min. left.  Is that time enough to get an answer to just the money question at least the what and when.  Then I feel I could afford to ask the other 3-5 questions I have with more time I could relax and not feel rushed.  … or should I just hold off until I feel my pockets can stand it? And when will that be?  I’d like to thank you in advance for you help.   If you can help me with this. Maybe I can afford a reading with you.”  – Marian

Dear Marian,

I myself have never worked with SpiritNow, so I did some research.  When I did a Google search, I was not able to find any complaints about this particular company.  In fact, it appears Sylvia Browne is somehow connected with the site.  The site claims to have “the very best psychics, divination experts, authors and educators to develop interactive forms of psychic content that inspire, educate and entertain.”  (taken from SpiritNow.com)  However, when I looked at the list of psychics advertised, it appeared their team of psychics includes many people that are not experts or authors.

While I cannot attest to the validity of this particular site itself, what set my red flags off was that someone on the site has led you to believe they can help you win the lottery.  Any psychic who tells you something like this should have you running in the other direction.  Let us ask the obvious question, “If these psychics could truly divine lottery numbers, why are they bothering to work on a psychic network?”  Sure, it’s possible they love what they do, but why wouldn’t they do more?  If I won it big in the lottery, I would adopt another child or two and start at least one foundation.  I would probably travel all over the place teaching everyone else how to connect with the Divine, so they don’t need my help and will never be taken advantage of by fraudulent psychics.  But, that’s just me.  Maybe that’s why I don’t get lottery numbers.

Seriously, though, I’ve never ever known of a psychic who can honestly help someone win the lottery.  Even John Edward (famous real deal psychic medium) has talked about this.  I believe it has something to do with abusing power – using psychic ability for material gain in such a way.

The SpiritNow site is interesting.  They seem to have a web tv show that could provide some good information, but what they offer is surely designed to get you to connect with them via phone or email.  It is very possible this site has some good, genuine psychics.  However, you really have to be careful when calling any psychic you don’t know, especially a psychic network.

A few years ago, I signed up to be a psychic on Keen.  I only offered my services on there for a short period of time.  I didn’t like how I felt about the services offered there.  All the communications with clients were spammy and designed to get you to buy readings.  What really got me was the reader who sent a mass email out to all the colleagues on her list asking for reciprocal reviews.  Do you know what that means?  It means that, at least in her circle of friends, readers were calling each other for fake readings and leaving fake reviews making each other sound awesome.  Maybe they were awesome.  I don’t know for sure.  I do know that many of the readers I personally tested on Keen did not live up to their shining reviews.

Another thing with these pay per minute deals is that you usually end up paying much more this way.  Let’s say you pay $2.99 per minute, and you decide on a 10 minute reading because you only have a couple of quick questions.  You’ve paid just about $30 for that 10 minute reading.  That’s a pretty high price for most readers I’ve come across.  And, of course that 10 minutes is never enough time.  So, you get 15 minutes next time – or 20, so that’s another $45 to $60 dollars.  That’s $90 for a half hour reading, and $2.99 per minute is a fair to low price on most networks.  In most cases, making a scheduled appointment with someone for a set amount of time will be much more cost effective.

Even with companies that do mean well, it can be difficult to ensure everyone participating also means well.  A few years ago, I was hosting small spiritual events with speakers, healing practitioners and psychic readers.  For the most part, they were great, but there was this one thing that still bothers me.  A few weeks after one of my events, I ran into an attendee who told me a horrible story of how she was taken advantage of by one of the readers at my event.  I was horrified and apologized profusely for what happened to the woman.  If I’d had $50 with me, I would have refunded her money out of my pocket.  It didn’t dawn on me at the time to ask for her address and send her money, so she was out her $50.  I think that’s the part that still bothers me.  Anyway, I hadn’t known that reader well, but she was part of my event.  I should have been responsible for her actions just as much as she was, but I didn’t know about it until it was too late.  I did ask the reader about it later, but she claimed to have no idea what I was talking about.  If I do another event in the future, this reader will not be included in my invite list.

My advice is not to pay any more money for readings with whomever you’ve been talking to on this site.  It sounds to me like you are being manipulated into paying for more time.  If you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of or should make a complaint, I did find an email address … info @ spiritnow.com (no spaces).  When anyone claims they can help you win the lottery, you may want to reconsider that person’s motives.   Also be on the lookout for scams that get you to pay extra money to reverse curses or rid you of dark energy.  I’ve worked with clients who’ve lost thousands of dollars because of people who prey on others in this way.

It also sounds like your email address might have been shared with quite a few different people on this network.  If you no longer wish to receive emails from these individuals, there should be an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any/all emails you receive from them.  In fact, by law, there has to be.

If you are looking for help with lucky numbers, the numerology software I use has a Lucky Numbers Report.  Numerology uses numbers to determine what kinds of energies or influences are surrounding a person at any given time.  So, in this way, it could tell you where your luck lies, but I still don’t see it as a way to predict lottery numbers.  However, for fun only, I’ve included your numbers below.  Again, I will say this is only for fun.  People use these reports to play the lottery, but it is not meant to be a psychic prediction for winning numbers.  However, I would think if you were going to play the lottery, using these numbers that I’ve given you for free will be better than paying for numbers that probably aren’t what they seem.

Marian, click here to download a pdf file of your “Lucky Numbers”.

I hope this information is helpful to you and can maybe lead you to the right psychic in the future.  For myself, I will not be able to offer telephone appointments for a while because of construction being done around my home.  I do plan on offering email readings, but I’m not sure when those will be available yet.

Angel Blessings,


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3 replies
  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    I’m so sorry for the experiences you both have had. It really is unfortunate. There are honest and good intuitives out there, but it things like this that ruin the concept for a lot of people. The stories you both have shared are ones I’ve heard time and time again.

    I understand your frustration, Sharon. It makes me upset, too. I’ve seen people completely lose their faith because of situations like these. While there are many good psychics out there, there are many of the opposite. It’s horrible, but they don’t seem to truly appreciate how they can affect people’s lives. It is possible for an aura to become clouded or a person to have negative energy, but these scammers make it out like much more than it is, and $1000 to help a person clear their energy is a big red flag. While it does take energy on behalf of the practitioner, the point is to make the price reflect an appropriate exchange for services. $1000 is not appropriate.

    Betty, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but there really are other good psychics out there. It is very important to find a good fit, though. D Anne must have never seen the movie Practical Magic. As Sandra Bullock’s character said, “There is no devil in the craft.” Everyone believes what they need to believe for a reason.

    Once upon a time, I too was extremely religious and might have said something different, but that was many years ago now. There were several things that happened to me in my life that helped me to see otherwise. My experiences have made me who I am, just as the experiences of others make them who they are. We are all who we need to be, I believe. It’s our choices and experiences that make us different.

  2. sharon
    sharon says:

    Hi Rev, sherri
    the above comments really made my fuel gauge go up, i had a very bad experience with live person chat
    i was in a bad state in my life and was so depressed i thought that the one i was talikng to was being “real” with me, sh not only convinced me that i needed her sole help in getting rid of the black cloud that surrounded me, i believed her she took 1000.00 of my hard earned monies and i never heard from her again not only that she completely fell of the face of the earth so i was never able to retain any of my monies back.
    so to all whom use any of these sites know that they only want your money not to truly guide you.
    i have learned from this as a why to find and use my angels and god, they truly are our sources on this earth.
    God Speed

  3. Betty Blackburn
    Betty Blackburn says:

    Oh, Rev. Sheri, I’ve had some recent experience with these people. (actually the readings were called ASKNOW, but I’m convinced that they are basically the same company). Anyway there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mails these people send out.
    I probably should not have tried these folks out at all, the two I had readings with were named Tammy, with whom I had an introductory reading for $30, and then there was D Anne, with whom I spent about 30 minutes basically arguing with her, for the cost of just over $200. Very bad. D Anne said she was very religious, and I think that she let Christianity fill her with a lot of prejudice. She thinks witches are devil worshippers, thinks that Soulmates are 100% meant to be together, and a whole bunch of other garbage that you have shown me not to be true. Anyway, after that, I unsubscribed, and I would suggest that Marian do the same, lest she wind up getting charged more money than she plans to spend.
    I really should stick with you and the Angels, because so far you have not steered me wrong, and I trust you. I admit, I was curious about what these other readers were like, but they seem to be more about the almighty dollar than helping humanity.


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