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Relentless Financial Issues

“I have been facing relentless financial issues for quite a number of years now, loss of work, it’s now nearly a year I’m unemployed, with notice of eviction on my rented house, though I was able to negotiate them taking it to court and my son helped (he already paid the rent many months going, but is out of work too and neither of us has an income now); my daughter’s first part-time job is what we use for the very poor diet we have, but even before, I have been in this situation whilst the children were at school, for quite some years.

Yes, I’d like also to change directions and have a business rather than depend on an organization to keep me in a job and pay me, but with having internet/telephone cut off quite regularly, about to lose electricity/gas supply, a computer which is struggling to run and I can’t afford to either repair or get a new one, I can’t afford to have an online business optimized and would need an income until that is accruing the required earnings.

Time and time again I AM grateful for all I have around me, and I also make the choice to now experience my Soul growth through Joy, Ease, Abundance – including financial abundance – Freedom, Love and every time I think that by making that choice consciously – and in meditation – I am creating a change in circumstances, but only more of the same seems to materialize. Any Guidance will be so welcome!”

Your struggle is so very palpable that I can literally feel it as if it were my own. You have suffered, and I can see that. You have owned this suffering, but you need to own joy even more. You’re wading in a pool of darkness and simply hoping for light. Conscious thought is only the first step in changing your circumstances. Using your positive thoughts to make positive choices and create positive actions are the next step, and that’s a step you need to take.

You mentioned that you have made the choice to experience joy and abundance. I would like to suggest that you keep a journal of the things in your life that give you joy for 30 days. At the end of each day, write down anything that gave you joy in that day. Place a mark or star next to the item that gave you the most joy. I guess it’s like a gratitude journal, only the purpose of this journal is to become aware of the joy in your life as it is now and try to create more joy in your life in the future by adding things to your day which you know will bring you joy.

It seems that you may be looking outside yourself and into the future to find your joy and abundance, but you already have everything you need to have those things in your life right now – today – inside you. Joy can create miracles in any and all areas of your life. It is always important to have goals and things you want to accomplish in life. As for starting an online business, the answer may lie in finding income from outside the home at this time.

I am thankful for your son and his generosity. He seems like a wonderful man. Help may continue to come from him, but I see two types of income coming in. It may be that you will find some sort of part-time work outside the home.

My advice is to look for something that can generate some income while working on your Joy Journal for the next 30 days. You might be surprised what kinds of miracles – opportunities – can be manifested by joy. A positive thought or choice with the energy of joy behind it is so much more powerful than a thought or choice powered by desperation or fear.

Wishing you Abundant Blessings,


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