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Ask Sheri – Readers v’s Counselors

“Dear Rev. Sheri, I think my question will be useful to many. I went through a traumatic life experience. When my husband hit 40, he went through midlife crisis, and he devastated my and my child’s world. It was horrifying and especially more so difficult because of the culture my family comes from. For healing, I did go to a counselor, but I got more benefit from readers because they could talk spiritually with me, and readers helped direct my path so I would feel life is in control again. They did not judge me when I wanted to restore my marriage even after the horrible things my husband did. The divorce did go through, and he married the woman he committed adultery with. I am asking God to help me let go of the past and to be free of fear of other people’s judgment which is so common in my family’s culture. I needed to be strong for my son and I. I healed through readers instead of counselors. Does that happen a lot? I guess whatever works is what to go with. Do you agree?  Thank you, Curious”

Dear Curious,

Like you said, I think it more than anything depends on the person and what works for them.  Did you know that psychology was once considered part of the psychic arts?  I find that to be fascinating!

Your question is something I’ve thought about myself quite a bit.  As an ordained minister, I can offer counseling services and have thought about doing so, but there are reasons I’ve decided against it.

I personally believe the best kind of therapy is a combination of both counseling and psychic intuition thereby creating what I call spiritual or intuitive counseling.  This is how I refer to my services, and I have also found that more and more mainstream psychologists and therapists are learning psychic skills and using them in their practice.   (I have many as clients!)  This combination provides both spiritual understanding, knowledge and vision of the future, while still aiding the client in healing the past.

Growing up, I worked with a few different family-type counselors.  My experience wasn’t always positive and is completely biased, but I didn’t find those services helpful at all.  In my case, everything I said was relayed later to my parents.  It doesn’t take a genius – or psychic – to know that’s not right.

Setting my biased opinion aside for a moment, I will say that therapy tends to focus more on the past while psychics tend to focus more on the future.  The future is what matters, what can be changed.  However, it is not always possible to move on due to things in the past – even past lives.  That’s why I believe the right counselor/therapist/psychic/medium should be a combination of all those things.

Financially, there could be a big difference between the two.  For one thing, my services will not be covered by any insurance provider.  Though, more and more, not a whole lot is being covered by any insurance providers – at least in the United States.  My hospital visit co-pay has quadrupled in the last two years, but I’m one of the lucky ones who still have some kind of insurance … fingers crossed, not tempting fate here.  With that said, my $80 fee per hour is probably less than what your insurance company pays for a visit with a therapist.

One definite plus for therapy is that it is ongoing support.  For my services, I tell clients to wait six months to a year before having another session.  One of the concerns an ethical psychic needs to keep in mind is that a client can become addicted to psychic services.  With therapy, more of the “work” is done by the client.  While someone can get addicted to therapy, it happens more often with psychics because it’s simply too easy to ask for the answer instead of finding it yourself.  Maybe that’s cheating just a little.  Anyway, I have considered offering a type of therapy myself, but this is one of the reasons I haven’t done so.  I haven’t discovered a way to help someone in this way without being who I normally am in a session.  For someone who needs long term or more regular support, therapy is a good idea, but a psychic reading can be quite helpful mixed in here and there.

You are definitely not the first person I’ve heard say they have gotten more of out visiting a psychic than a therapist.  Actually, I think one of the testimonials on my site says something about getting more out of their session with me than years of therapy.  While that’s flattering, I think it might say something about the therapist they were seeing, too.  😉  I hope my comments have answered your question.  Basically, yes, many people find this to be true for them, but I think a combination of therapy and intuitive insight is best.

Angel Blessings,

Sheri  🙂

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