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“I have been told by my spirit guides that I must watch out for a pregnancy. It is a warning and that I can prevent it. I had gotten this message from my spirit guides when I had gone to a psychic brunch. As of right now, I am in school and I cannot concentrate on my studies. I have attempted 3 times to redirect my focus but the same pattern emerges where I escape from studies. Because of this, I am contemplating taking a semester off to prioritize my life. I have an interest in helping people and so I am going to look into volunteer opportunities. I also have an interest in spiritual subjects and so I was thinking of taking some courses. I needed some guidance on this and thus, I consulted the cards. As I pictured the situation of taking a semester off, the cards that appeared, all pointed to a soulmate and pregnancy. Cards that spoke of a new addition in my life. In another shuffle of the cards,where I imagined not taking a semester off, I was told that this is the right time to focus on studying and such and the possible block in this was the soulmate card. My issue is that I am afraid of this. I am only 19 and still in school. I want to help people and right now I am not ready for a pregnancy. Every time I think of this, I think of all the ways in which my life will be turned upside down. My question is that how can I stop worrying about this! Thank you so much.”

Well, how can I say this?  Pregnancy is something that can be prevented … quite easily in fact.  You don’t have to be studying rocket surgery to figure this part out.  (Sorry, that might be a bit of an inside joke, but I’ll leave it because it’s meant to be funny …)  Anyway, the pregnancy is preventable.  I guess that’s the point.  However, I think there might be something completely different –  maybe unexpected – going on here.

I can’t say what the psychic at brunch saw, but I can tell you what I see.  You seem to be on the verge of a spiritual shift, which can bring about the “birth” of a grand idea.  I have to wonder if maybe this grand idea isn’t the “pregnancy” seen by the other psychic.

As for taking time off from school and looking into volunteer opportunities, it doesn’t surprise me you would be considering this.  Your energy, numerolgically speaking, is in the lightworker year.  You will want to be of service to others right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on making goals and plans for your personal future as well.  From what I am feeling with this, there may be a big part of not quite knowing what you want to do that is helping you decide to take some time off.  That’s okay, really, but I would recommend having some kind of plan.  Do you know what “they say” about people who take time off from school?  Well, they’re right.  Many people don’t go back.  I’m not necessarily saying that you won’t, but I do think you are looking for a good reason to have something better to do.

You are a natural born leader, you know.  You have the ability to make things happen for yourself.  Sometimes, though, I find with this energy that people can be better at starting things than finishing.  You’re a self starter, and you have a strong drive when you need it, but maybe you get bored easily, too?  Those of us with creative minds tend to have that challenge.  I would suggest finding positive ways to express your creativity on a daily basis.  It can even be something very simple, like singing in the shower or coloring a mandala.  Creative exercises can free the mind and help bring focus to everyday efforts and goals.

The message I hear for you is to relax.  You are driving yourself a little batty.  As for consulting the cards, sometimes messages get confusing when you try too hard to find the answers.  It’s easy to expect a certain outcome or misread the meaning; this is when things tend to not make sense .  If you’re meant to give birth to an idea that will lead you down a certain path, you will likely find that idea no matter what you do to prevent it.  Stop worrying because it’s not going to be a bad thing.  I don’t see your future being ruined by anything crazy … unless you make some kind of totally insane decision after I’m done typing.  Just kidding!  Honestly, sometimes listening to a psychic does more harm than good, and I think this might be a good example of that.  If you’re worried about pregnancy, be careful.  You know what I mean.  I don’t see an immaculate conception in your future.

The spiritual shift your are entering into can certainly bring soulmates and additions into your life.  I don’t see anything you need to be afraid of but your own fear.  Relax, dear sister.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

I hope these words help guide you in making the changes ahead.  Trust in your gut instincts, and tell fear to take a back seat.

Angel Blessings,


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