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“… Please give me the power to enjoy my life.”  – Sue

Dearest Sue,

Joy seems to be the word of the week as I recently posted this topic for discussion.  Honestly, the only person who can give you the power to enjoy your life is you.  Somehow, somewhere along the way, you’ve given this power away.  Only you can take it back.  At what point in your life did this happen?  Was it any one thing or a cycle of events?  It’s important to at least try and see how you got to this point.  Now that you have done so, stop focusing on those parts of your life.

What can you do today to allow yourself enjoy life?

No, I’m not being funny.  Now is when you let go of all that has been and look forward to the future.  Whatever has been in the past no longer matters.  Today can make tomorrow better.  What can you do today to allow yourself enjoy life?  What are you doing right now?  Reading this message?  That’s a good start, but what will you do afterward?  What makes you enjoy life?  You make you enjoy life.  Choose joy over sadness for starters.  Do things that make you happy.  Choose to look at your life in a different way, then start looking for the little things in your life that you do already enjoy.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect for us to be happy.  Generally, life is never perfect; it’s why we call it “life”.  So many times I hear people say things like, “Things are going to be so much better/different when …”

When what?  What are we waiting for?  When it rains on our lives, should we sit around and wait for pink fluffy clouds to come and rescue us?  Absolutely not!  We can count on others, yes, but we need to first find strength in ourselves.  Have you ever heard that you have to learn to love yourself before you can truly love another?  Happiness works in a similar fashion.  We have to learn how to be happy before other people can make us happy.

Here are a few suggestions to help you find ways to enjoy your life …

1. Be Social – Even if you live alone, no one should be a hermit.  Find ways to be social.  Maybe join a club or go to church.

2. Speak Positively – If you are always talking about the things in your life which make you sad, then you and everyone around you will always be focused on those things.

3. View Chores Differently – There will always be things we don’t want to do which must be done.  I really don’t like doing the dishes or cleaning the toilets, but I like the alternative even less.  When these things creep onto the “to do” list, don’t put them off.  Just get them done.  Putting them off means you’re thinking about how much you don’t want to do them even longer.  And, honestly, you can make mundane chores into an escape.  When I’m washing dishes, I often find that my mind drifts into other places.

4. Make A List of Fun Things – Make a list of things you enjoy and incorporate them into your schedule more often.  Find a hobby, take a class, go out and do something.  The worst thing you can do is sit on your couch all day, though.  Human beings tend to find more happiness through having experiences than by watching others have experiences.

5. Express Yourself! – Even if you’re not an artist or a great singer, self-expression is an important part of being happy and feeling fulfilled in life.  Draw, paint, and don’t be afraid to sing in the shower!

6. Learn New Things – Never be afraid to learn something new.  It’s like I tell my son at dinner time.  “You’ll never know if you like it, unless you try a bite.”  Not trying anything guarantees that you’ll miss out on something.

7. Be Thankful – Make a list of the things, people, places and experiences you have in your life which are worthwhile.  If you were going on a trip for the rest of your life and could only take one suitcase, who/what would be in there?  Thinking about this will help you to see the things in your life which give you joy.

8. Let Go – Be open to changes and let go of things that are fighting to get free.  I’m not saying everyone should go out and quit their jobs for making them unhappy, but it’s important to know when it might be time for changes, and, in turn, be open to those possibilities.

9. Give Back – Be generous when you can be – with time and money.  You never know what surprises life can bring you when you reach out to others.

10. Smile – Even when you feel sad on the inside, a smile can make you feel better.  So smile and smile often.  Smile at yourself, and smile at others because you don’t know what kind of day they’ve had.

Check out the discussion topic on “How do you create Joy in your Life”, and see what ideas other readers have shared!

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  2. 2

    Be generous. A little generosity goes a long way. Give and people return the favor to you and you will be known as a generous person.

  3. 3

    Make a list of all the things you want to do and do them! If you’ve always wanted to audition for theater, then go ahead and do it! This will help to reduce ‘hanging around’ and wishing. This even applies if you want to be an astronaut : you might not effectively become one, but becoming savvy in astrophysics and space will make you realize that you’re capable of it.

  4. 4

    Keep trying. One of the key things that you need to remember is to never be discouraged; failure is a part of life, and it happens naturally. If you are so disillusioned that you never want to try again, at least be comforted by the fact that you made an attempt.

  5. 5

    Stop doing things that you do not enjoy. Make a list of the things that you are doing that you don’t enjoy, and try to stop doing them. Naturally, this shouldn’t mean that you should drop out of school if you don’t like studying, but you might consider working for a new company if you are constantly stressed and pressured by your job. If it’s not possible to stop, try to see the positive side of those things and find ways to make them entertaining. Nobody enjoys cleaning the kitchen fan or the toilet but if you do these chores with full awareness and make them into a meditation, you will be surprised how quiet your mind will become and how much happiness these chores will give you.

  6. 6

    Find a hobby. You might take up collecting stamps or coins, or you might learn more about photography or art. You don’t have to spend your entire life doing it; the whole purpose of the hobby is to vary your routine and do something worthwhile.

  7. 7

    Singing is a wonderful way to make life more enjoyable. Try to pick up some of your favorite songs and learn the lyrics by heart. When you feel bored, sing those songs and you would feel much better. Singing karaoke, taking some singing lessons or listening to music would make your life more interesting.

  8. 8

    Limit the amount of time you spend watching TV. Enjoyment in life comes from trying and doing things yourself, not watching other people do them. Watching people swim is not the same as swimming. Watching other people hike or climb mountains is not the same as hiking or climbing mountains.

  9. 9

    Ask questions. It’s not bad to ask questions. Ask as many as you can no matter what people say or the relevance of them. Don’t doubt yourself because there’s a good chance somebody else is wondering the same thing.

  10. 10

    Enjoy feeling proud. If you’re proud of something be it: an essay, a new deck you built, a promotion, or a song you composed, let the sense of accomplishment uplift your mood. However, be wary of pride for it is mainly centered on yourself, whereas humility is centered around uplifting others.

  11. 11

    Stay healthy. Make part of your life eating right and exercising because it helps keep the body running at the top of its game.

  12. 12

    Be open to change. Changes in your job, friends, and the government. With practice you will be able to anticipate it.

  13. 13

    List the items you want to keep. This will help you realize what you have and you are so lucky to have it.

  14. 14

    Be confident. Always say i’ll try and never say never.

  15. 15

    Learn new things. There’s always something new to learn. Read a book or learn on a computer. If you educate yourself, you won’t be struggling and life will be a lot easier.

  16. 16
    Life reflects us our true

    Life reflects us our true

    Everything returns to us as a reaction: Well, this is not any scientific theory else a nature truth, i.e., throw a ball towards a wall, it will come back you with same speed but at slightly different angle. Whenever you meet someone with smiling face, even opponent is not with pleasant mood, you’ll feel welcome attitude by the opponent.

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