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Ask Sheri – My Life Purpose, a Personal Interpretation

Many of the questions people write in and ask me have to do with interpreting the Free Online Angel Card Readings, so I thought it might help to write up an example of how I personally interpret a reading for myself. I wanted to know about my life purpose, how I am doing right now on my path. So, here’s my interpretation of the cards that came up for me …

When you’re doing a reading for yourself, sometimes it can be a bit confusing, but you have to think about how the cards apply to your life. Card one is the overall theme of the life purpose reading. This is the present theme surrounding my life purpose, representing present circumstances. The card that has come up for me is “Treasure Chest“. This card usually represents financial abundance, and I feel that’s what it means for me in this position. I have been concerned about my husband’s job for some time, and I can see the day coming where my work will need to play a larger role in supporting my family. This card is a message to me that I’m moving in the right direction for that to happen, and it also tells me this reading will likely give me clues to help me on that path.

The second card represents the challenge or influence, and the card revealed is “Empowerment“. For me, this card represents both a challenge and an influence. As a challenge, it represents a struggle with self-confidence. My ego can get the best of me sometimes, making me feel like I’m not good enough to do what I want to. The message on this card is, “You’re more powerful than you realize. It’s safe for you to be powerful!” This card reminds me that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for. Something else I personally struggle with is finding balance between helping someone and taking away their power. Sometimes I worry that giving readings to people gives them too easy of an answer or might possibly inhibit their free will. So, I see the second sentence on that message as a reminder that I do know how to use my power in a positive way – a way that strengthens others. As an influence, this could very well be a message that I will soon be empowered and given strength to push myself in a way that pushes me past my self-made barriers of not believing in myself and other self-created worries. Just this morning, I received an e-mail from someone who visits my site. She told me how much my website (and all the hard work I put into it) has helped her, and I did feel empowered.

The third card is advice from heaven, and “Builder” from the Life Purpose deck is the message. For me, this is a very clear message. Heavens advice for me is to focus on building, creating something with my hands that will be long lasting and will both inspire others and give me a deep sense of accomplishment. This message is about getting more work done on my website and crossing off some of those things on my “to do” list. I have several things that I want to add to my site, but it all takes time. This card is a little bit of encouragement from the other side.

The final card that represents my life purpose is “Study” again from the Life Purpose deck. The message on the card says, “Reading, research, and education help you gain confidence and clarity about your career.” This card generally means that doing a little more research will give me a bit more confidence, but it may also be confirmation of some recurring guidance that seems to be repeating itself. I’ve been entertaining the idea of taking some astrology classes or learning more about astrology. For now, I’m going to take this card as a message that further research will help me to complete more of the things on my website “to do” list and ask my guides and Angels to give me more guidance on astrology classes later. I feel like my time is very limited, and I would like to focus more on finishing a few things before I start something new, but maybe that’s what this message is about … “Get stuff done because here’s what’s next …” 🙂

I hope this information has been helpful to someone out there. It is different reading for yourself versus doing it for others. Sometimes it’s more complicated because we see what we want to see and not necessarily what the cards are showing us, and sometimes we are just too confused to understand; that’s when going to a professional is helpful. Everyone needs a professional reading from time to time, but learning to interpret the cards on your own is so very important. Angel Oracle cards are simply a tool that Heaven can use to communicate with us, and by being open and trying to understand what they are communicating, we open ourselves up to a greater connection with the Divine.

Angel Blessings,


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  1. Carmell
    Carmell says:

    I loved your interpretation. Thank you for pointing out the attractiveness of relying on the cards at the expense of our free will… I also wanted to ask, all of a sudden today, i am getting the same reading each time I choose the same free card reading option. I cleared my cache and it’s still happening. Is there a glitch in the site? Or is it me? Thank so much, C


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