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Ask Sheri – Malevolent Shadow


“Dear Rev. Sheri,
I recently purchased a 12 month online reading by a medium and have been told I have a malevolent occult shadow causing serious harm and havoc, and I would be unable to remove this force myself, and have been instructed to purchase a further very expensive 60 day reading to remove this force. Could I ask for your wisdom and guidance on this matter of what to do.
Kind regards.”  ~ Aquarius 60


Dear Aquarius 60,

I’ve been sick, so I haven’t been able to post much in my blog lately.  However, I saw your question and decided to write a quick post.  This medium you are talking to is likely bad news.  There are unfortunately many scam artists out there, especially online.  If you received nothing more than an electronic reading, it’s quite possible that you’re not even talking to a real medium.  There are companies out there that create these sites which have automated fake readings.  If you were to sign up for their “free” reading with two separate emails, you would get a canned type email response that is very similar to both.  These “free” emails or mini readings are designed to get you to pay more money for a longer fake reading using some sort of fear tactic.  My advice is to run the other way.  This “medium” is bad news.  The only dark shadow over you is what you are being victimized by with this person/company.  Using the smoke of white sage or incense in your home will lighten any negative energies you might feel.  There may be something going on with you personally that is attracting negative things into your life, but most likely that has more to do with something personal, or your outlook on life, than anything you cannot control.  We all have free will, and your free will is telling you that you’re being taken advantage of. 

Let go of whatever this person has told you and release it to the heavens.  Use some some sage and learn a bit about positive affirmations.  Using more positive energy in your life will create a magnet for more positive energy.

I know this was a quick response, but I hope it’s helpful to you.  Oh, and Happy Birthday!  🙂

Blessings and Light,


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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    THANKYOU! I pray for your health to improve and surround myself with positive thoughts and energy,Blessings and light to you..Laura


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