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Ask Sheri – Is using angel cards acceptable to Jesus?

“I am a Christian and I do believe in angels but I am not sure about using cards I think I have been brought to you for a reason.  It does say in scripture about consulting angels.  Can you let me know if using angel cards are acceptable to Jesus?”

This is one of those questions that no one else can answer for you. You can certainly ask someone else – or book, but what it comes down to is what you believe. No matter what anyone else says, the truth of faith and what you believe is right or wrong can only be found within yourself.

Personally, I believe that using angel cards is merely a way to connect with the Divine. To me, it is no different than prayer, and I have a strong relationship with Jesus.

For you, maybe it’s different. Search your heart, and see how you feel. How do angel cards make you feel? Do you feel a sense of peace or negativity?

One thing I will say is that a person should never feel like using angel cards is the only way to connect with angels or the Divine. God is all around us and hears every prayer. Angel cards are simply an aid for us to hear the messages in return.

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